My state's nickname is The Golden State.

The Golden State Brigde

My state's capital is Sacramento

This is a map of Sacramento

California became a state on September 9, 1850

A nice view of The Golden State Bridge

My state's bird is the Quail

This is a Quail

My state's flower is the Golden Poppy

This is a Golden Poppy

My state's insect is the Dogface Butterfly

This is the Dogface Butterfly

Key Fact #1 - Did you know the population for California is 37,253,956.

This a city in California.

Key Fact #2 - Redwood grow along the state's north and central coast. You can see them at California's redwood National Park.

California Redwood National Park.

This is my state flag.


Created with images by Damian Gadal - "Up with the Dawn" • Unsplash - "golden gate bridge san francisco california" • Sam Beebe, Ecotrust - "Major River Basins of Oregon" • Unsplash - "suspension bridge bridge river" • MrsBrown - "america washington state bird" • jhfearless - "P1040505" • Anne Toal - "Southern dogface (Colias cesonia) dorsal" • Daniel2005 - "Early evening. Looking East from the top of the Serrano Hotel. San Francisco." • nmnm - "sequoia national park" • scazon - "Flag of California"

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