welcome to Mississippi the magnolia state

This is the Mississippi river.
This bass is the state fish that people catch.
A lot of cotton in Mississippi.
a couple of farm raised catfish in mississippi
Here are some of the famous people there like Brett Favre.
Jackson it the capital and the largest city.
The magnolia is the state tree.
This mocking bird is the state bird.
State insect is the honeybee.
This is a bottlenose dolphin a water mammal.
Square dancing is the state dance.


Created with images by Muffet - "magnolia" • davebaur - "minneapolis mississippi mississippi river" • Mike Riela  - "3lb Largemouth. #baynepark #senko #rogue #fishing #bass #nj #4s #dayfishing" • bptakoma - "cotton" • jetheriot - "catfish 2" • aphrodite-in-nyc - "P1100834" • GMO66 - "Brett Favre" • dbking - "William T. Sherman" • Reading Tom - "Jackson, Mississippi" • FelixMittermeier - "magnolia flowers pink" • PublicDomainImages - "polyglottos mimus head" • skeeze - "honeybee pollinator insect" • lakpuratravels - "Bottlenose Dolphin" • D-Stanley - "Dancers, Pyongyang"

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