Florida Museum of Natural History By Bjori Arapi

Nature on Display

My New Best Friend

This was my absolute favorite exhibit at the Natural Museum. What first caught my attention was the massive display of butterflies just outside the exhibit, but the real beauty was being able to see the butterflies in their element. It was so much fun being in the "rainforest" and not having a care in the world, because all I could do was stare in awe of the beautiful butterflies. I learned that there is such a feeling of calm that comes with being exposed to nature, there is no stress of exams or jobs, there is only the present and watching the butterflies fly so freely.

Nature and Ethics

I most definitely experienced nature in the way Leopold recommended. While in the rainforest, I was in awe of the beauty and so incredibly curious about the butterflies and the creatures that made up this mini ecosystem. I didn't want to speak for fear of disturbing the butterflies. The people around me were just as awestruck as I was. The museum allowed for visitors to experience, first-hand, the magnificence and delicacy of nature. Personally, I had an increased desire to protect nature. However the more I felt that way, the more I resented the exhibit for being a cage to these beautiful creatures; I wanted them to fly free. Overall, the museum was wonderful and such a great experience.

Nature and The Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by exposing us to the beauty of nature that we overlook as we get overwhelmed by life. The peace I felt while being in the museum really showed me the importance of life and how it includes nature and moments with friends. The real meaning of the world is so clearly shown in nature and the ecosystems within it. The museum forces you to stop moving, just live in the moment and embrace the natural world around you.

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