1.Introduction write out the history of the country. Some of these are a little long so you may summarize.

- answer:1816, the united provinces of rio plata declared their independence from spain. after bolivia, paraguay, uruguag went their seperate ways. the rest of the remaining are was what became argentina.

2. Population and world ranking

- answer: 43,886,748 (july 2016) with a rank of 33 in the usa. also one-third of it lives in buenos aires.

3. Economy/GDP world Ranking

- answer: argentina benefits from rich natrual resources. a high population on export-oriented argiculture and a divided industrial base.

4. Unemployment rate and world ranking

- answer: total 18.8%, male 16.7%, female 22.4%, with a ranking of 63 compared to the world.

5. Main Industries

- answer: food processing, motor vehicle, consumer durables, textiles and steel

6. Government Type – Provide a definition of the type that helps explain it.

- answer: presidential republic

7. Capitol

- answer: buenos aires

8. Administrative divisions

-answer: 23 province, 1 autonomous city

9. Independence

- answer: july 9, 1816 (spain)

10. Information about their constitution

- answer: several previous, amend many times since 1994, last efective may 11, 1853

11. Give a description of their legal system.

- answer: civil low sysytem based on west european legal system

12. Suffrage (Voting Age)

- answer: 18- 70 years old, universal and compulsory, 16- 17 years old optional for national elections

13. Executive Branch Some of these may not apply. a. Head of State/Chief of state b. Cabinet ,Elections. How they work? How often? How is power transferred due to illness or death of leader.

- answer: president mauric MACRI , cabinet appoitnted by president.

14. Legislative Branch a. Unicameral or Bicameral? b. Explain how it is organized? b. Elections. How often?

15. Judicial Branch a. How is it organized? How are judges picked?

- answer: biacameral national congre

- answer: judges nominated by president and aporved by senate

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