Responsive Web Sites!

Evaluation- The web uses flexible grids and layouts when moving from Web to Tablet to Mobile, The columns go from 4,3,1 which shows good constancy throughout. It maintains purpose of this website which is to show news about celtic.

Mobile shows a very effective layout as the headline stays the same size to catch the users attention and draw there eye to it by adding a yellow background, It goes to a 2 grid layout to show the user more news the only difference i have noticed is when moving to tablet and mobile the categories go into a small drop down menu box to save s

Steam- when moving to mobile some of the site is responsive it keeps the deals as the main focus point. the web has a 3 grid layout. The computer and tablet versions of this are very similar we can this from the menu bar the only real difference is the font size.

The columns in the youtube reduces each time you go down from web-mobile, as soon as go to tablet the side bar disappears but doesn't really effect the overall experience as the search bar is always there.

I have noticed that the menus on the web page disappear in to a drop menu to save space the font stays the same although the grid changes into a single formation the logo also stays the same

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