The Napoleon Times By. Austin, EhLy

Today in French History. The French Revolution started in 1789 when King Louis XVI was in depth with other counties. So he decided to raise taxes which made the poor people of France mad because he decided to tax the poor not the rich. Three months of taxes later the poor or minimum wage workers decided to storm Bastille to get both weapons and the people of the free thinking because it was both a weapon werehouse and a prison.

Storming of Bastille

Few years of the revolution the people decided to storm the castle to finally stop the very high taxes. But instead King Louis XVI declined and had the guards kick everyone out. Three months of insults and damaged property he decided to move out of the castle but he got caught and met his fate with the giotine

King Louis on the Guillotine

After the next "King" Maximilian Robespierre died from the Guillotine because he had to much karma. Because he made the revolution worse because he sent any revolutionists to the Guillotine. At the same time he even threatened napoleons family that if he doesn't listen to orders he sends them to death by Guillotine. But no matter what napoleon won the battles like the revolution the British came into the picture napoleon sunked the British ships and regained the fort he lost.

The battle of French bay (that is what I'm calling it)

After the French Revolution ended napoleon crowned his self "emperor of France" after this reached the current pope Pope Pius VII came to France to crown him. After years of being emperor of France he was his own general he even took control of five different European countries even sent men to what was Haitian to fight but lost. When he decided to attack Russia in 1812 he had over 3,000 men from other counties he's captured. His supplies started to spoil and cook and every time his men ate something from their supplies they got food poisoning and walking in the hot July weather his men were exhausted and starving and when every thing got worse they got literally demolished by the Russians so he had to retreat and that was the last battle for napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon and his army in Russia

After the Russia invasion napoleon stepped down from the title of emperor to another person and his army dispanded especially the forced immigrated soldiers ran back to their homes in a flash.

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