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Light, Its is probably the singularly most interesting concept in the universe. By it, we know and perceive this life we live. In religious language God has been referred to as light, the eastern religions have sought rigorously for enlightenment. In fact the foundation of our nation took place in one of the most revolutionary times in history which is known as the age of Enlightenment. The word itself has an intriguing prefix to it, en-. Which means “to be in” or “to cause” we see it used in other words like; entrust, enrich, encourage. This image is like a child taken by the hand and shown the light, a ray of sunlight that finds its way through the clouds, the old man that spent years stumbling in the dark and finally steps into the light. There is much more here to be brought to light but let us not linger too long here in the dim light of introduction. Let us look to the ancient Saints and Sages who are the great illuminators and the shoulders of giants upon which we stand. Let us take a hard look at where we came from and be enrich, encourage and entrust on the path lite before us. Come with us as we brighten our minds and step into the light.

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Robert Frederick


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