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Everyday we all make choices - every choice will impact on our health & energy in some way.

We are all aware of what it takes to be healthy, its just that most of us forget or we are just too busy.

Sleep is the foundation of our good health and supports the pillars of diet & exercise. But if you continue to work at a million miles per hour Wellbeing, health & energy will evade you.

To change the way we live may be easier than we think. We have to set small, achievable goals with long time frames. We have to manage our expectations.

Although health is slowly rising up the agenda of the corporate world, most companies still fail to understand that if they have a fit & healthy workforce they will unleash the powers of creativity & innovation. People will have greater levels of energy.

Wellbeing, health & energy is not a one size fits all. We are all unique and in order to achieve a state of Wellbeing we will all have to behave in a different way.

We all need to understand the different steps that we can take to enhance our Wellbeing. This is about creating a rhythm in our life.

What we offer:

Wellbeing workshops that provide a key understanding of the individual aspects of Wellbeing such as: sleep, diet, activity & exercise, conversation to build relationships, the benefit of natural light and our posture. Prices start at £378 for a half day workshop

One to one coaching in areas that you may feel that you require motivation & guidance. Prices start at £78 per session

Adventure days out involving walking & cycling which provide the opportunity to get outside. Prices start at £1494 per day for a group of 15 people

Prices are inclusive of VAT and subject to confirmation with a written proposal.

For more information contact Tim on 07855 766 954 or tim@becomegood.co.uk

Live as if you are to die tomorrow and learn as if you are to live forever. (mahatma ghandi)


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