Imago Dei Encountering God's People Through Religious Imagery & Storytelling

Welcome to our digital retreat!

The goal of this retreat is to provide you or your faith community with a structured series of modules to prayerfully reflect on where God might be working in your life, and to invite you to consider how God might be asking you to respond.

This particular retreat invites you to contemplate how God -- and the stories of God's people -- can and should be represented in the symbols and images with which we surround ourselves and our sacred spaces. Most importantly, this retreat will challenge you to reflect on how those symbols and images translate to concrete action for justice in your everyday life. Fr. James Casciotti, SJ, pastor of St. Ignatius Church in Baltimore, Maryland, guides us through some of the images found in his parish -- and the kind of community these images inspire.

Perhaps this retreat will be an opportunity for you to reflect on the stories you tell, the stories you are apart of. Perhaps it will challenge your faith community to seek out those who are excluded from those stories. Ultimately, it should help you to see how God's great story of humanity is inclusive of each and every one of us.

Created By
Eric Clayton