Carbon Monoxide Samiyah Wordworth

Why were canaries used in the mines?

They were used as a warning to the miners that there was Carbon Monoxide in the air.

Why is Carbon Monoxide found in pockets of coal?

Carbon Monoxide is found in pockets of coal because carbon monoxide develops with the coal over the years.

Where else might carbon monoxide be found in your environment?

Carbon monoxide is also found where there are fireplaces, gas stoves, charcoal grills, and lawn mowers.

What are risk factors for carbon monoxide poisoning?

Some risks would be if you worked in the mines or if you are a chef/cooker.

Is there a possibility that you can come in contact with carbon monoxide during your day?

Yes there is a possibility that I can come into contact with carbon monoxide. When I drive my car I can come in contact with it or when I am in the school parking lot and walk past a car that is running.

What are some contemporary sources of this gas?

Some contemporary sources of carbon monoxide is car, water pipes, manure.

What are health effects of carbon monoxide poisoning?

There could be dizziness, headache, heart disease and low weight in babies, blurry vision, chest pain, loss of hearing.

How would you protect yourself or your family from carbon monoxide poisoning?

To protect yourself or family from carbon monoxide someone should get a detector and try to have regular inspections.

What do you find as the most startling fact about carbon monoxide?

The most startling fact about carbon monoxide is that you can't smell it when it's in your house and that is the reason it kills people.

Carbon monoxide poisoning comes from the gas itself. It starts with people being exposed to it. At first they do no notice the problem of the gas being there. They don't notice it because the gas is colorless and odorless. That being said they can't see it when it is exposed to them. Then the people inhale the deadly gas for too long and they then die.

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