Key Stage 2 Summer learning

'In a world where you can be anything, be kind.'

Looking after yourself this Summer is really important! Can you carry out some of the activities below to keep your mind and body healthy and happy?!

  • Carry out an activity that makes you happy each day- this might be reading, drawing, writing, or anything else that you enjoy.
  • Keep a diary- write down fun events from your day before bed each night and tell your diary all about your thoughts and feelings.
  • Try to exercise every day.
  • Learn something new- this could be anything at all that you want to do like riding a bike or learning to sew!

Home Learning Projects

Follow the link below to the Robin Hood MAT site which has lots of fun activities for you to carry out at home. Make sure you select your year group and explore all the different learning projects they have available! There's lots to choose from.

Non-Screen Activities

We know how much you enjoy using computers and other online learning devices, but remember, learning is fun without our screens too! Can you carry out some of the non-screen learning tasks mentioned in the links below?

Who Will Be The Star Baker?!

Follow the buttons below to have a go at baking some recipes at home with a grown up!

Not As Healthy (but very tasty) Recipes!

The Great Outdoors!

The summer holidays is a great time to get out and about outdoors.

Use the button below to find lots of activities you could carry out in the great outdoors!

Have a lovely summer holiday!


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