Short term memory loss by: josh martin

What is short term memory loss?

Short Term Memory Loss is the inability to remember recent events.

How could you tell if you or someone had Short Term Memory Loss?

They can remember incidents from 20 years ago, but has trouble remembering things that happened 20 minutes ago.

What could cause this disorder?

A lack of oxygen to the brain, alcohol and drug abuse, concussions and other trauma to the head can impact short-term memory.

Are there certain types of people who get this illness.

When you grow up it is normal to have memory problems. But people who are stressed, who have anxiety and are depressed, or had a stroke may have a better chance of short term memory loss.

what are some prevention's for this illness?

To get more sleep in and take some stress out of your life.

What are some symptoms of this disorder?

Forgetting recent events multiple times.

How is this illness treated?

You can take medication or sometimes you can get more sleep in.

How can you help a friend with it?

You could help them keep a journal or a calendar.

What are some statistics pertaining STML?

It affects older people, people who had a stroke, who had a head injury, who had recent head surgery or people who have sleep deprive.

What is a common myth of this illness?

That it is a just a part of aging.

Are there any other facts about this illness?

NBA player Lamar Odom Has This illness.

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