Pre College 2019 at Flagler College Animation and VFX Florida Film Academy Pre College Summer 2019

Welcome to Florida Film Academy

Back in 2009 we were traveling the world producing episodes for a landmark documentary series for National Geographic when a local school called up and asked if we could run a film club for their students. We're passionate about helping young and under represented filmmakers, so of course our answer was YES!

It started as a weekly meet up for a small group of enthusiastic young filmmakers. Before we knew it more and more students lined up to join. Meet ups became more frequent with weekend shoots and Summer programs, we started organizing field trips for the students to major broadcasters across the USA, providing them with real world insights and education. It became clear to us that young people needed this outlet, they yearned to express their creativity and whether they intended to become filmmakers or not, they had a story to share with the world and we had the ability, determination and passion to help ensure those stories were told. In 2010, that little "film club" became Florida Film Academy.

Today we welcome hundreds of students every year through our backlot studio in Winter Garden, our Campus in St Augustine and our Summer Programs both in the USA and Overseas.

We've come a long way since those early days but our mission and philosophy remains the same: To inspire young people to become strong, confident individuals through the development and application of creative thinking and provide them with the opportunity to share their stories through real world experience and education.


Experience College Life in the Beautiful City of St Augustine

Nestled on the northeast coast of Florida, St Augustine is the oldest City in the United States and with it's mix of old and new, it's the perfect back drop for our student's pre college experience.


July 1st - July 5th. Day or residency. Ages 14 -18

Under the guidance of Master Animator, Peter Smith, students will focus on how to create art that is used in animation, film, graphic novels, and video games.

Using professional art techniques and industry processes, students will learn how to draw the human anatomy, advanced color theory, and the importance of design. Each student will create an original character, design an original environment, the art of storyboarding, and layout for visual storytelling.

Students will simulate professional projects and gain an understanding and knowledge of how a professional art studio works in the entertainment field.

Ages 14-18 Day or Residency Options Available.

Cost: Say students $1025 per week, Residency Student $1750 per week.


July 1st - July 5th. Day or residency. Ages 14 -18

This in-depth, hands-on, week long pre-college Visual Effects program will explore how you can create the amazing special effects & visual effects you see in all your favorite Hollywood movies!

Visual Effects Producer Jon Gress (who has taught hundreds of Hollywood’s top VFX artists & supervisors) will teach you how to do practical, in-camera effects such as stop frame, stop motion animation, Pepper’s ghost mirror effects, underwater effects, how to simulate water surface reflections, how to create model miniature FX and film them to look like the real thing.

You’ll explore how to create all kinds of in-camera environmental & atmospheric FX (such as fog, wind, rain, snow, underwater and surface water reflection effects and then go in-depth into the world of digital visual effects and how to shoot Green Screen, Blue Screen, Black Screen, White Screen and compositing visual effects where you’ll learn to create all kinds of sci-fi and fantasy movie VFX such light sabers, laser beams, magic wand fx, explosions, HUD’s, spaceships, futuristic buildings, space effects and a ton more!

Ages 14-18. Day or Residency Options available.

Cost: Say students $1025 per week, Residency Student $1750 per week.

Why Choose Us?

As a leader in Film, Photography, Animation and Visual Arts Education we ensure that our students are given the tools and skills they need to succeed both now and in the future.

Our instructors have over 40 years combined experience in the broadcast and media industries and still actively work as writers, producers, directors, cinematographers for some of the world’s top networks.

We don't disappear at the end of the Summer. We want our students to succeed. This is more than a Summer Program, this is a commitment to helping our students into college and beyond.

During their down time students will enjoy a fun schedule of after class activities and experiences.


“Florida Film Academy is the greatest educational experience I’ve ever had. I had never learned so much while having so much fun until I started going here. Every teacher is great, and willing to help you find your ideal path. I discovered I greatly enjoyed doing sound because of my teachers. The Pre College camp is always the highlight of my summers, and I wish to continue attending them for as long as possible. 10/10 I would recommend FFA.” Noah L, Student

I have been part of the FFA for over 3 years, and in those years I have made memories and had experiences that will stay with me forever. When I first started, I was unsure of myself and clueless about the many aspects of the art of filmmaking. FFA not only has taught me how to excel thru animation, editing, acting, and cinematography; but it has helped me grow as an individual. Kay, Stefanie, and David helped me find my voice, define my vision and tell it thru the art of film. They share with me their vast knowledge of the industry and their love of film. Not only do I have a well-rounded education in the film industry, but I have several nominated films under my belt. FFA has helped me grow out of my shell, launch my career and allowed me to take a big step towards my life’s work. Thank you! Nico P, Student

My 15 year old son went through Florida Film Academy's 2017 summer Camp in St. Augustine. The fruits of his 7 day class led to him wining the 2017 Bonita Springs Film Festival award for "Best Technical" and "People Choice" Award over 47 other films. Bob J, Parent

FFA classes and camps have been a wonderful experience for my son. The staff at FFA have helped him develop his love for writing and movies and become very successful at writing and directing short films and documentaries. Alison P, Parent.

FFA draws out and directs the talents my son never realized he had. FFA is helping him develop hidden potentials. Wendy C, Parent

My son is having a wonderful learning and fun experience in his foundations film class. His goal is to be a movie producer/ director and this is the perfect place to prepare for that future. He is getting lessons that he would otherwise not get until college. Angela H, Parent

An excellent, affordable summer film camp for high school students is very hard to find. So glad we found Florida Film Academy! My daughter gained practical experience in all aspects of filmmaking using top of the line equipment and editing software. My daughter is looking forward to next year. Michele W, Parent

Florida Film Academy and it's team are great with a sincere interest in fostering creativity and imagination in their students. Communication with parents is open and honest, operating with high integrity. Highly recommend! Haney S, Parent

Florida Film Academy was the kick start to my professional career and introduced me to some of my best friends. Taylor B, Student

I had an extremely positive experience with FFA! I highly recommend this association to anyone interested in such a fun, creative, supportive environment! Alice N, Student


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