The View Take on King Tuts for six nights

It's hard to believe that it has been ten years since the release of The View's debt album, "Hat's Off To The Buskers", but they still continue to make those tracks sound fresh, as if they were just released last week. In both their music and in interviews they have always been very open and honest with their personal battles, particularly lead singer Kyle Falconer's battle to kick his drug habit.

Before now the only band who have had successful consecutive nights in King Tuts was Biffy Clyro who played five sold out shows, but The View were able to beat that! In only 20 minutes of tickets being on sale, all six nights starting off on February 19th and finishing up on the 24th were completely sold out. This gave fans a rare chance to see the Dundee lads play up close and personal again as they have become so used to them playing much larger venues such as the Barrowlands that they’re due to play in May.

After everything that the band have conquered since finding fame and a very young age, they have found that nothing will break them, if anything the hassles bring them closer. Usually fame and fortune seems to take over and comes before friendship but it if it wasn’t for the close friendship of each member, it makes you wonder if the band would still be here to achieve a record like their new King Tuts record.

Even though the band are from Dundee, the legacy of the venue has pulled them down this way to take on the infamous venue for six nights. With the likes of Oasis and Biffy Clyro really making their name there, it’s really no surprise that The View would want to come back to where they also really made their name.

After their success and achievements, I slightly expected them to have a real air of confidence about them and be slightly arrogant but they have really been able to keep their feet off the ground. Speaking to them, you would think you had just bumped into them on the street, laughing and joking over little things. It’s not until Kyle randomly bursts into song that your brain remembers that they are members of a huge band that Scotland is proud of. After everything they have come through, they truly deserve the recognition and love that they received from an incredibly enthusiastic audience.

There are many bands that hope to play King Tuts, it must be an incredible feeling to be asked back not to just play once, but six shows in a row.
The now famous stairs that take you to the stage, reminds people of who has graced the stage in the much loved venue.
Soundcheck can be a long, drawn out process but with their professionalism they still put as much effort into it as if it was their first gig.
Soundcheck at King Tuts would be a nerve racking occasion, no matter how much success and how big other venues have been
Strategy Planning. Lead singer Kyle Falconer with their keyboard player and techs get together before soundcheck kicks off.
Guitarist Pete leans over to speak with the guitar tech to make sure everything is sounding perfect for their opening night.
The sound engineer listening intently to make sure everything if sounding perfect for the night ahead.
The support band wait in the wings, nervously waiting for their turn to head up onto the stage and get their 15 minutes of fame.
Preparations are made for the band making their anticipated arrival onto the famous stage to a sold out crowd.
The band have their last minute chats before the doors open for them to head out to a room packed of excited fans.
The fans watch on in anticipation, love and excitement. So see a band like The View in such a small venue again, is better than anything for some fans.
The view that The View have. Looking onto a sea of people smiling, laughing and singing along the whole night. There was a real tight knit feeling between their fans, like they all had known each other for years.


Stacey Auld Photography

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