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Week 1

A Big ole teddy bear and a stuffed animal.

Week 2

Week 3

All smiles over here. I picked this picture because it captures how I've been feeling lately. My life could not be going better.

Week 4

Blocking out everything negative until a answer I can be positive about presents itself.

Week 5

My topic is going to be institutionalized Racism. This is a strong to because of how I dress ishow i am viewed . People have presasumptions.

Institutionalized Racism

Before they know me they see a thug, a criminal, someone to fear. Not their fault, that's how the media makes me out to be. I turn on the T.V. to hear about tragedy on news, never any coverage from our point of view. Police looking to beat on a fugitive, they'll stop me cause we all "look the same". Somehow. The AUDACITY.

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