Bucket Brigade On tuesday, February 18, band director Mrs. Sheryl Deike (Faculty) invited elementary and middle school kids to practice their skills with buckets and sticks. The children learned basic rhythms on the buckets to prepare for middle school band.

Wyatt Boyer (9) walking by as the kids listen to instructions, and Hannah Hicks (9) watching in the background.
Children waiting to play on the buckets they have.
Kierra Griffith (11) posing for the camera.
Dylan Parker (10), Malachi Hornbaker (10), and Kierra Griffith (11) helping to teach the children.
Mrs. Deike leads everyone in an exercise to warm up.
Wyatt Boyer (9) helps the little girl learn her part.
Dylan Parker (10) leads one of the songs as Evan Logsdon (9) demonstrates it.
Dylan Parker (10) playing on a bucket.

Through the time spent learning, the children had a lot of fun and the students that helped did as well. "It's cool to help and watch them (the kids) learning and having fun" Evan Logsdon (9) said.