Check-It Out! March 2020

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Is designed to share innovative practices, great things happening in our libraries, and to recognize the excellent work you are doing for our students.


DIANA O'CONNOR, Rangel Young Women's Leadership School

"As part of her philosophy that teaching must extend beyond the realm of databases and bibliography, Diana worked with Young Women’s Preparatory Network to create Respect Starts Here, a curriculum designed to build skills of listening, speaking, and understanding as we embrace our differences with empathy."

National Coalition of Girls’ Schools 2019-2020 H. William Christ Educator Prize Winner Diana O’Connor, Rangel Young Women's Leadership School Librarian.

Dynamic Librarians:

  • Townview Librarian Melissa Cunningham is running a reading initiative called the Million Word Challenge. The goal is to promote reading and increase reading stamina. Initially she would actively solicit student participation but now, students are signing up on their own for the reading initiative. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Supports, supplements, and elevates learners' literacy.
  • DeGolyer Librarian Cathy Bolin took a risk and wiped the regular library schedule to try out makerspace activities. Both students and teachers were engaged and excited about the hands-on learning. Furthermore, when the assistant principal asked to close the library to use the space, Cathy mentioned she had this activity going on and they found another location for the meeting. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Nurtures discovery through curiosity.
  • Skyline Librarian Kimberly Broomhall created a useful video she posted on the Skyline HS Instagram that students can use to learn about taking Cornell Notes. She is creating a series of videos to support study skills. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Designs instruction for a range of learners.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Hall Librarian, Maria Rodriguez-Carter, Russell Librarian, Esperanza Alvarenga, and Jordan Librarian, Lynn DeFord for being awarded a $200 Lone Star Día Grant for Children’s Day, Book Day, from First Book Marketplace! The funding is awarded to help librarians celebrate children and foster their joy in reading during their Día celebration. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Engenders inclusiveness and diversity.

Reading Rock Stars at Harllee EC Center

Author Mac Barnett, Librarian Michelle Touchet, Author Duncan Tonatiuh, and Author Greg Pizzoli

The program is a hands-on literacy initiative that sends nationally recognized authors into Title I schools in Texas to inspire young readers with dynamic presentations and send them home with the most empowering experience of all – owning their very own book.

KPMG’s Family for Literacy donates books to Franklin International Exploratory School

Former Texas Rangers Michael Young participated in the literacy event, helping Comerica and KPMG volunteers distribute books to more than 400 eighth-graders with Librarian Dr. Rosenid Badia.

Why Didn't I Think of That?

Here are few things we've seen in our libraries across the district.

Both Ms. Lopez and Ms. Hernandez from Rosemont have a Calming Spot in their libraries. What a creative way to address the social & emotional well-being of their students.
Social & Emotional well-being for secondary students: Ms. Roberson, Quintanilla MS, has posted the dewey numbers with topics that can be difficult to request or find on the shelf. She also provides calming tools such as a glitter ball, liquid motion bubbler, or a squishy toy. Ms. Fuentes, CityLab, has an emergency care drawer with hygiene products and a charging station for students to use.

Book Display & Program Ideas

Dynamic Librarians:

  • Peabody Librarian Laurie Dillard used Pebble Go resources and collaborated with 2nd grade teacher(s) to complete research on MLK. She will continue using this graphic organizer and Pebble Go for another Civil Rights biography during African American History Month. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Models & supports collaboration, engenders inclusiveness & diversity, and cultivates learners to build on prior knowledge & apply critical analysis of information.
  • Wilmer Hutchins High School Librarian Valerie Tagoe collaborated with the 9th grade African American Studies teacher to have students read an article about Jim Crow laws, find the citation, and summarize the article. Students submitted their summaries and citations through a Google Form. Students also saved the article to their Google Drive where they could highlight important parts of the article and take their own notes. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Models & supports collaboration, supports, supplements, & elevates learners' literacies including ethical behavior, and provides opportunities for learners to express & advocate diverse perspectives.

Book Recommendations

Books that can be used for AASL Standard Inquire.Share. Click to learn more about the titles.


  • Collaborate.Think - Developing new understanding through engagement in a learning group.
  • Inquire.Think - Recalling prior and background knowledge as context for new meaning.
  • Inquire.Create - Devising and implementing a plan to fill knowledge gaps.
  • Explore.Create - Problem solving through cycles of design, implementation, and reflection.
  • Collaborate. Share - Establishing connections with other learners to build on their own prior knowledge and create new knowledge.
  • Explore.Grow - Recognizing capabilities and skills that can be developed, improved, and expanded.
Building vocabulary with 2nd graders using Osmo words at Crow Elem. Library, Arlington ISD posted on Twitter on Feb. 19, 2020. At Amos Elem. Library (AISD) 3rd, 5th, and 6th graders use Osmo Pizza Co. game to run & grow a business using math, money, and fraction skills, posted on Twitter Feb. 3, 2020.

Dynamic Librarians:

  • Lipscomb Elementary Librarian Maria Acevedo Negron challenged herself to use Flipgrid with 3rd-5th grade students as a way for students to reflect upon their favorite Bluebonnet books. Students were able to view each other's reviews and then talk about their thoughts afterwards. Maria says, "What I enjoyed seeing is the after effect. Seeing them talk about their books with each other!" Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Supports, supplements, & elevates learners' literacies including digital citizenship.
  • Molina High School Librarian Karen Harris not only taught English III students about the importance of citing and evaluating their sources, but gave them the opportunity to reflect upon why these skills are important via a Google Form. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Supports, supplements, & elevates learners' literacies including ethical behavior and models & supports collaboration.

Teaching Toolkit

Community Circle is another way to conduct class discussion. Begin the discussion with one student’s input and proceed around the circle. No one is required to speak, but all are encouraged to do so. After multiple rounds debrief as a class and build conclusions about the topic together. Dr. Mike Mattingly and Ross Garison Denton ISD, Hattie and Marzano Walk into a Bar presentation at National Learning Counsel Gathering November 16, 2019.
If technology is to be leveraged as part of this strategy, it may be best used as a way to display the topic of discussion and any other information necessary to move the discussion forward. Dr. Mike Mattingly and Ross Garison Denton ISD, Hattie and Marzano Walk into a Bar presentation at National Learning Counsel Gathering November 16, 2019.

Makerspace Idea

  1. Challenge: Build a tall freestanding structure
  2. Teams of 4
  3. 20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 yard of tape, 1 yard of string, and 1 large marshmallow
  4. Use as much or as little materials you are given
  5. 18 minutes to construct

Tabatha Sustaita-Robb, DESA Library 2016-17

Dynamic Librarians:

  • Wilmer Hutchins Elementary School Librarian Leisa Booker collaborated with 5th grade teachers to create a research project about African American inventors. Students collaborated to research different inventors using online resources. They then created a Google Slides presentation which they shared with their teacher through Google Drive. During the creation of the Google Slides presentation, students learned how to search for and insert images from within Google Slides, change the slides background, theme, fonts, and colors. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Models & supports collaboration, engenders inclusiveness & diversity, and supports, supplements, & elevates learners' literacies including digital citizenship.
  • Travis Librarian Amethyst McArthur included fair use in an introduction digital citizenship lesson. She had students reflect on various aspects of copyright by embedding the reflection piece into the lesson using Google Classroom. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Supports, supplements, & elevates learners' literacies including digital citizenship and ethical behavior.

Advocacy: Start Small

  • Colleagues - Talk or email staff with photos on what you're doing/done, especially responsibilities that are unique to you.
  • School Newsletter - Share upcoming program/events, summarize recent projects/collaborations, or new titles, anything you want to share with the staff.
  • Faculty Meetings - Ask administration if you can take a few minutes to give a booktalk, new tech. app, or highlight a database.
  • Social Media - Share your library story. Social media will allow you to share more frequently then the newsletter.
  • Committee - As a librarian you have a different perspective then other educators. Remember to speak on your students behalf.
  • PD Presenter - Offer to present at your campus or district level. Show that you add value to the classroom. Focus on a collaborative unit or share a resource that teachers can use.

Advocacy-Something for Everyone by Iris Eichenlaub, Knowledge Quest

Tech App

It seems like everywhere you turn there's an app but how do you know which one to use? In this section we'll suggest an app that's used by one of your colleagues.

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Snapshots from February 14th PD

We learned about how to access lesson plans and apply for grants through Lego Education. Finally, we learned from each other through the breakout sessions.
Created By
Tabatha Sustaita-Robb


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