All people are equal before the law (but not before their peers?)

Racism: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Othering: view or treat (a person or group of people) as intrinsically different from and alien to oneself. We cannot avoid these things it is natural to classify people into groups. Even in the 1680s people classified each other into categories, “Blumenbach’s (a German physician, naturalist, physiologist, and anthropologist. He was one of the first to explore the study of mankind as an aspect of natural history) five categories were: Caucasian, the white race; Mongolian, the yellow race; Malayan, the brown race; Ethiopian, the black race; and American, the red race”(Race, 1). We still use these same categories today but the thing is we, the human race have added to it. After a while it’s almost destined to that we are going to start making assumptions about a certain group; but to treat someone of one race worse than someone of a different race is just mean. The people that do this are just adults in a bad financial situation that need an ego boost so they think even though they are poor they are still high on the social ladder. Due to parents raising their kids to carry on the belief that they are better than another race and the kids seeing that it is ok to act this way. There is racism in schools which is really not good because it will just keep on a nasty cycle.

I asked myself who is really doing this I figured it was just a bunch of adults that want an ego boost so they, in a sense “bullied” other races. But after some research I found out that the average age of people that joined a racist group called the Stormfront is 19(New York Times, 1). This was really crazy to me because I just thought that people that young didn’t even have the capabilities to do these horrible things like commit attacks against Jews, and non-whites, their two main targets right now.I also found out that this particular group had the highest amount of hate according to the New York Times in “The states with the most members per capita are Montana, Alaska and Idaho”(New York Times). Which I also found surprising because I found another article saying that the state with the most KKK members was near the Texas, Oklahoma border. This was surprising because the KKK is the most well known racist group, so finding out that they were not located anywhere near the Stormfront was surprising to me because I just figured they were all located in around the same area. There are eighty four KKK groups in Texas and only 6 in Montana

Racism map of all hate groups in america

But that also at the same time makes it worse because that means that the hate groups are scattered throughout america. Here is a picture of a map of almost all the hate groups in america and where they are located. As seen on this map the south seems to have a lot of hate/racist groups. So that would mean that a lot of people are racist. Which would mean that the people in the racist groups would try to raise their kids to be racist because after all parents raise their kids off of what they believe and what they believe is that whites are they greatest race and everyone else is worse and the way they show this by bullying the other races.

It's not just the adults who are bullying the other races the kids are too. In the movie “Prom Night in Mississippi” they had always had two proms one for black people and one for white people. In the movie Morgan Freeman asks the school if they will have one prom that he would pay for. The first time they turned him down which shows how racism is in schools but that isn’t with the kids. But the second time he offered they said yes and they followed two groups of students a black group and white group. Most of the kids wanted the one prom and agreed to it but their was a few who didn’t and made their own prom for white people only and coincidently their parents also didn’t want one prom.

Racism bullying in schools

All in all when we ostracize people into groups we need to try not to let that affect our daily life and decisions.

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