Chile Alondra Benavides

Where and When?

Chile 1973

Who was involved?:


Key Dates

  • Started in 1973 and ended around 1974
  • Late August 1973, 100,000 Chilean women protested against the government for rising costs and increasing shortages of food and fuel and they were dispersed with tear gas

What Caused the Conflict?

A social unrest and political TENSION between the congress of chile and socialist President salvador allenden.also, Augusto Pinochet arresting citizens who wanted to become communist and who would protest

How Did the Conflict Affect the Country?

With the citizens:

  • Thousands were killed, went missing, and were injured
  • Many relocated to Canada
  • "Special Movement Chile" allowed more than 7,000 Chileans to relocate to Canada
  • After Augusto Pinochet dictatorship, the government arrested some 130,000 people in a three-year period

What happened to Allende?

He had committed sucide (during the coup) by a Rifle that Supposedly fidel castro gave him. Two doctors said they witnessed the suicide.

Soccer Stadium

the stadium served as a makeshift prison camp where as many as 20,000 men and women suffered. The people were beaten and tortured by the command of pinochet

Current State?

Multiparty democracy. They Have electioNs. The us Even trades wiTh chile

What happened with Pinochet

He continued to be dictatorship until 1988 when 56% voted against him to remain in office. He continued to serve as Commander in Chief until 1988. He went to London where he was internationally arrested for numerous human rights violations (October 10, 1988). He returned to Chile in 2000 due to sickness. Then, till his death, he remained on house arrest. When he died, December 10, 2006, 300 criminal charges were still pending against him in Chile for numerous human rights violations during his 17-year rule.

Success or Faliure for either United States or the Soviet Union

  1. Success for the United States because they did accomplish their goal (overthrow the democratic government and president)
  2. No success for the Soviet Union because they had no relations with overthrowing Allenden. Plus, he was a socialist not communist.

Why wS it a hot spot?

Communism vs. deMocracy. Soviet union and u.s were INVOLVED.

Containment and Flexible Response

Containment: the U.S supported anti-communist governments whether they are democratic or not, formed alliances, and gave financial aid to Chile.

Flexible Response: Chile had called for a variety of actions (arresting citizens) when dealing with an aggressive nation.

Sources:'├ętat And google images for pictures

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