Walt Sidney Land Sidney HEnderson


In Walt Sidney Land, I am the queen and I rule until I pass away or give the thrown to my children. We are mostly a free country, but I make the laws and lawbreakers are sentenced by my mother because she is good with punishment. All of the government officials are members of my family. We have a very good army ran by my brother.


There are different bills and coins each with my face on it in a different pose. All the children go to school and keep learning until they find good careers that suit them.

  • Coins: 1¢, 10¢, 50¢.
  • Bills: $1, $10, $20, $50, $100.


As a free country, everyone believes in what they want. Everyone is more than free to practice their faith as long as it doesn't cause any harm to anyone. However there is a national anthem that everyone must say in school.

"I will believe in the sid-landian ways for as long as I stay."

Our flag has my palace on it with a shooting star.

Social Structure-

There is only an upper and middle class. There are fairly no poor people because everyone is given the opportunity to work for money somewhere. Once you find a career, you're really set for life. Mostly, everyone is middle class because the jobs they work pay depending on the level of importance.

Arts & Entertainment-

About 15% of the higher upper class are actors, musicians or somethings of the arts. Once a month there is an all kids and family day festival, where everyone who can comes in front of my palace and watches fireworks or rides roller coasters. We get some actors to dress up in costumes and open up different themed stores based on the character.

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