Health and Wellness Healthy Habit Teen Leaders

Taking care of ourselves by practicing healthy habits is very important, now more than ever! Cooking and eating healthy foods, taking time to play music, paint or do things that help us feel calm and centered are all great habits to practice. What's your favorite healthy habit?

As a 4-H Healthy Living Teen Leader, you can learn about healthy habits or enhance the ones you already know and practice. Cooking and preparing delicious and nutritious meals for yourself and your family, taking time to practice yoga or mindfulness, making art are playing music or dancing to music can all be a part of a healthy lifestyle. We invite you to share your knowledge with younger kids in helping them to develop some healthy habits as they grow.


Created with images by manseok_Kim - "run jump girl" • kychan - "untitled image" • Jade Stephens - "My friend is a landscape painter - recently when she went out on location to paint I went with her to snap some of her skills in action." • Sharon Pittaway - "I decided to gather some autumn vegetables, pile them into some sort of pleasing form and see how they looked. The autumn leaves were just for effect!" • La-Rel Easter - "untitled image" • Melissa Askew - "My family was enjoying some time on a hike in a wooded area. The way the light was coming through the trees and across the grass and daisies was making me itch to capture the moment. I got down on my stomach in the grass to capture this photo of my daughter Ellie. All I had with me that day was my iPhone X which was still a champ for captuing the moment perfectly. I just love the way the end of the day sunlight was making her glow. To me this photo perfectly captures summer, childhood, and my sweet girl, who shines brighter then the sun." • Maarten van den Heuvel - "untitled image"