The Speedy Train By: Mateo whatley

“Mom, can we go yet?” It was early morning and my family and I, where about to leave from Chengdu, to Beijing. With 10 years of age this trip would be exiting for me, because we would get to Beijing by riding the very fast train, that would have great views of China. Sophia, (my sister), and I were already packed but we were waiting on my mom and dad to get ready. “Okay, let’s go!” My dad finally exclaimed. We were so excited to go on the train. When we left the hotel, I heard the buzz of cars and trains. As we packed our luggage into the taxi, I overheard my dad explaining to the driver that we were not going to the North Train Station, but the West Station. “yes, yes” the driver said while nodding his head casually. Nothing could ruin my perfect trip.

Summer Palace, Beijing, China

After about 10 minutes of driving, I took off my headphones and looked out the window, the sky was blue and I saw modern and ancient structures all around. To my astonishment, through the forward window I saw a sign with the sun glistening of it, saying, North Station. As my whole family saw it too, with only one hour to get on the train, I realized we could not make it. Dad tried to speak to the driver, “West Station.” The driver did not seem to understand. Meanwhile, my sister looked panicked. I was only worried about missing the train.

“Calm down” my dad said, “If we go to the wrong train station we’ll just hop into another taxi and drive to the West Station”.

“Wont we be late for the train?” my sister asked.

“Everything will be ok” My dad answered.

We drove a little further and I saw a building with big, bold letters that said, North Station. To my surprise the driver did not stop. As he drove past the station, my whole family was confused. Suddenly, the driver turned a corner and my dad pointed soon after. “Look, it’s the West Station!” he said. I felt relived, we could still make it to the speedy train.

As soon as my dad paid the driver we rushed into the station. Each one of us went through security which was surprisingly quick, and we entered the huge building. Inside, there were crowds of people all around. While my dad lead us through the crowd we found our gate. We handed our tickets to the ticket agent and we went through. Once I entered, in front of me was a huge train. Its massive body ruling over me, and the head of the train looked like a bullet. It looked like something from the future. My mom, my sister and I all entered the train but my dad was still outside. “Come on the train is leaving!” mom shouted. Dad quickly took a photo of the train and then rushed in.

The "Bullet" Train

A worker greeted me as I walked in and I looked around. Inside, the train smelled fresh, like new shoes, and I walked to my seat. My chair was big, and it even had a TV! When I pushed a button on the side of my chair the seat reclined, the cushion felt soft, like my bed back home. All the TV’s seemed to be only in Chinese, so I tried to find something else to do. The long aisle between the seats looked infinitely long. “The train is now departing,” said one of the attendants. Everyone took our seats, and before we knew it, the train was out of the station. looking out the window, I saw the city, but as time passed we were soon in the fields and countryside. Looking down the long aisle made me curious to go down it. “Mom, can I go down the aisle?” I asked.

Inside the Train

“Sure,” She replied. Once I reached the front of the train there was a huge window, and I could see the train tracks that laid ahead. There were many hills and trees and the view was extraordinary. Even though our drive to get to the station wasn’t perfect, I learned I could do any challenges that laid ahead of me, if I handled them in a responsible way.

China's countryside; The View from out the window
The End

Photography: Cecilia Whatley

Created By
Mateo Whatley


Cecilia Whatley

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