Amboseli Part one

A slight detour from the DSWT tour. We spent a few days in Amboseli national park. No shortage of elephants here as well. But also the opportunity to see other African wildlife.

Two of the species you are likely to see no matter where you land on a safari. No matter how often you see them, they are always a welcome sight.
These are called Maasai giraffe. Unfortunately, giraffe are quietly disappearing.
Lots of babies this time of year.
A bit of fighting... not serious at all. Probably practicing for the real thing.
I love all their stripes, especially when they are all going in different directions.
Grey heron. I love trying to get perfect photos of birds. Not a simple task.
Not a great shot but the color of this kingfisher is irresistible.
Tree full of red billed quelea (again, I think!). These are the birds you see in huge flocks, like thousands at a time. I haven't been lucky enough to see one of those. Just small flocks.
Hammerkop. One of my favorite African birds. So unusual looking.
This is an African hoopoe. This is the first time I've ever been able to get some semi decent shots.
Would have liked to capture the crest open.
Juvenile saddle billed stork.
Great Egret in the background with non breeding plumage (at least that's what it looks like in my book).
This is a malachite kingfisher (I think). They often fling and beat their catch to make it easier to swallow.
This platform closes itself if thiese get too long. So I'll stop when it starts to hiccup and do another page.
One of my favorites.. Goliath Heron. For those of you familiar with our Great Blue Heron, this dude is even bigger.
Jacana, often called the Jesus bird. It has incredibly large feet so it looks like it's walking on water when walking on lily pads.
No chicks here, but they are amusing with their giant feet and long legs and tiny bodies.
How can you not include ostrich?? They are pretty much everywhere.
glossy ibis

Probably enough for this page. Easier to start a new one rather than figure out which ones to delete.

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