What is Good Food? Good Food is naturally grown, untouched, humanely produced and family centered.

Good Food starts with a farm. A Farm that uses natural products, feeds animals the foods they need, and doesn't use hormones to increase it's production.
Good Food means using humane slaughtering methods that don't infect my food with feces, urine, and blood. Instead, animals are cared for through the entire process and are humanely eliminated for our consumption.
Good Food is food that hasn't been genetically modified for production. It doesn't have hormones added or processes added for higher yields. It belongs to the farmer.
Good Food is a garden. It's a garden where you plant the seeds, till the earth, add natural fertilizers to enhance growth.
Good Food is REAL food. Not food from a package. Food from a farm, a garden, a market. Food that must be cooked or made at home to taste good.
Good Food is the time a family spends around the dinner table talking, spending time together, and learning about each other's days. In this case, it's not the food that the high priority, it's the time together.


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