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  • Book : Facing the Unknown
  • Author: T.L.W
  • Publisher: Galaxy Publishers
  • Type of book:Adventures
  • ISBN:962-433-031-X


Jam was a clever dog and it could tell Keith and Scot what had happened in the house.

Keith and Jam were brothers. Keith was fourteen and Scot was twelve. They were so brave that they could keep calm when they were facing the unknown.


At the beginning, Uncle Daniel asked Keith and Scot to go his home to feed his two dogs: Jam and Butter. When they went his home, they found out that Butter was injured and they wanted to know who hurt Butter. Suddenly, Jam wanted them to go into some rooms and they saw three thieves that wanted to steal Uncle Daniel's things. At last, Butter died and Jam was very sad. When Uncle Daniel knew what was happened and he was coming back his house.

Favorite Quote

"We must think and know what to do even if everything is still unknown. That's the only way to protect themselves," said by Keith.

I really agree with it because I also think that we must think and know what to do when we are facing the unknown. If we are nervous when everything is still unknown, being nervous can just help nothing. But if we keep calm when we are facing the unknown, we may think some ideas to solve the problems better.


I like this book because it is so meaningful and inspiring that it teaches us we should keep calm even if everything is still unknown.

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