Allegheny Trailrunners Trail Fest Course description

The Start

The Start is adjacent to the John Porter Memorial Lodge and the Main / Dining Hall building.

After the start, run the perimeter of the large field and parking area. 

The Perimeter

Runners will go around the large field at the eastern part of the Camp Anderson Property.

The Bog

At the far edge of the Camp Anderson property line, you will enter a wooded section that might offer some mud on your journey.

The Pond

Next, you head back to the pond and go along the breast.

The Causeway

Runners will follow a causeway between the pond and the creek back toward the Main / Dining Hall building and then past John Porter Memorial Lodge with the creek on your left.

The Horseshoe

Then you will make a left turn and cross over the stream. The course will horseshoe around and you will now be running along the creek downstream on your left.

The Chapel

Next, it is a slow turn toward the Chapel/Amphitheater.

The Range

After you run around the edge of the field in front of the Chapel and through the shooting ranges, you will come close to oncoming traffic – be sure to stay left the turn left toward the showers/restrooms building.

The 25

You will run close to the creek and past the “25 Pavilion”

The Rhododendron Tunnel

The Green Bridge

At the end of the tunnel, you bear right over a bridge and then toward a paved road. Though this is a rural road, please use caution as it is open to traffic.

Camp 103

After crossing the paved road, you will enter Camp 103.

The Bowl

You will have a road on your left and a hill on the right that descends down into a bowl where you will start climbing out via a set of switchbacks.

The Waging Tail

As it circumnavigates above the bowl, the course will traverse a series of gullies before a mildly technical yet short climb up the hill before descending again.

The Highway

The trail will descend on an old abandoned logging road called “The Highway.” The course will remain on this carriage road until it reaches an open parking area called “The Short Bus”.

The Short Bus

Runners will cross the paved road before making a hard left turn.

The Aid Station

We will have the aid station in a pavilion amid the cool pines.

The Final Stretch

After the aid station, participants will run above the John Porter Memorial Lodge and the Main / Dining Hall building and across the timing mat, successfully completing one lap of the Camp Anderson Course.


10K = 3 laps; 600 feet of climb

1/2 Marathon = 7 laps; 1400 feet of climb

Marathon = 13 laps; 2600 feet of climb

50K = 16 laps; 3200 feet of climb

50 Mile = 25 laps; 5000 feet of climb

100K = 31 laps; 6200 feet of climb


Photos by Lance Harshberger of Momentum Photography