Maddie The Water Droplet By gracy harbin

I began my incredible journey in glacier their was a droplet named Maddie. She lived with her family by a glacier she lived their for four hundred years.


I had so much fun at the park. Maddie said " My favorite thing at the park is the slide." When ever I go down it it makes the sound "Splash." Then Maddie's dad Charlie said " Nice that one looks fun." Ashley Maddie's mom said "let's go and try it out."


When my Mom and Dad told Maddie that they had to moved she said " No ." Maddie's mom said that they couldn't afford the rent anymore. A couple days later the sun looked like a big orange red yellow circle. It's was so pretty like my mom said Maddie.

Ground water

Then they got sick of living there and moved to river. When they got to the river they said that the river was to dark so they moved on to clouds but before they moved to clouds Maddie said we have to evaporate up to the clouds, Then the moved on.


When they got to the clouds they only lived there for about two hundred years. They had so much fun living in the clouds none of them wanted to leave. But before that they had fun going up into the air so then the moved to soil surface.


They got to the soil surface and they went around to see if there is a place to stay. They went to a place far away and found a big place with lots of room for them to stay. But when her parents, Ashley and Charles were going to find food they saw a little rain drop named Bella so they went up to her and said to her that she should be Maddie's friend.

Soil surface

They were all sad that they had to move away from Bella. Then we moved back to ground water from being sad about there house back in ground water. They played on the playground with her mom, dad and Bella one last time but then they moved.

Ground water again

They loved it there but it just didn't feel like home so they decided to move lake they imagined them selves in the lake watching the sun go down or up.


And that is there finale home for ever and ever so there you go they lived happy.


Created with images by Walkerssk - "mountains mountain snow" • bella67 - "drip drop of water wave"

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