Ranking The Qin Dynasties Contributions using p.e.r.s.i.a as a lens

The most important/lasting Contributions of the Qin Dyansty was the "Intellectual"

Although a very important and lasting part of the Chinese dynasty was Legalism, the majority of the contributions of the Qin Dynasty were mostly those of Intellect.

You can see Chinese (Qin dynasty) intellect in everyday life. Take for instance many math techniques and tools. In ancient China during the Qin dynasty (221-206 BC) they created the standerized system of measurements and the multiplication table. Till now we still use these Contributions everyday and it's being thought at school and at a very young age because it is very useful throughout life. Also other Contributions from the Qin dynasty are the terracota warriors, the Great Wall, standered language /writing, standered money/universal coinage, and canals. All these things contributed from the Qin dynasty all have to do with P.E.R.S.I.A's Intelectual because they all have something to do with inventing something smart and amazing. Also all of these things are looked up to and techniques that are used today. In the website: http://www.bcps.org/offices/Lis/models/chinahist/qin.html they list out all of the thing each dynasty contributed in doing. For example In the Qin dynasty it listed legalism, standerized writing, language, money, universal coinage, system of measurement, projects of public work, building of the Great Wall,Terra Cotta army, expansion of networks and canals, and the multiplication table.

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