Empty Spaces Abandonment and dereliction in Scotland

Glen O'Dee Hospital - Banchory. A place that no longer exists.

Here and there the floor droops, showing the bare bones of the structure beneath.

Early morning light in Glen O'Dee Hospital

NHS leaflets from the early 1990's, scattered on the floor, show me a world different in typography and design but completely familiar. The same but different.

The second floor
The floor of the library - Glen O'Dee Hospital.

I never made it to the third floor of Glen O'Dee, random noises and my lack of company playing on my mind. I'll come back one day, I told myself. A rare piece of graffiti had asked me the question - 'Been to the morgue yet?'. I hadn't, and I never did. In October 2016 the hospital disappeared into flames and smoke overnight.

A ward room in decay in Glen O'Dee Hospital.

Crawford Priory - Fife. Almost totally abandoned, but not quite. On a still autumn evening a single room remains occupied, lit from inside and obvious enough to keep Roos and I quiet. There's a barbed wire fence to tackle, as there always is.

The main event is unexpected and beautiful - somewhere to discover yourself, not to be told about. Have a look.

An entrance still grand. Gargoyles half decayed.
Last light and a flock of rooks going through the evening routine.

Invergordon fuel depot. An abandoned site on a staggering scale. A third of a town left derelict. Nearly fifty empty fuel tanks, each one massive.

An ageing couple duck under a fence with their dogs. There are no warning signs or 'Keep Outs'. They know where they are going, a route of habit through the quietness of place once too busy.

One of the fifty empty fuel tanks at Invergordon.
? and ladders.

Three teenagers appear round a corner. Confident, cocky, in their own habitat. They notice me after a while, turn quiet, disappear.

There's uniformity everywhere here, but it is lost in the silence, the grass and the chaos of butterflies.

Glen Gairn - Cairngorms. A whole glen abandoned. Long since lost to heather and the pursuit of grouse. Fences everywhere, balance nowhere.

A practice and tradition under question, high in glory yet low in humanity - this is what is winning here, for now.

An abandoned house at Tullochmaccarick.
One of endless abandoned cottages in the Southern Cairngorms.

The Black Isle. A once open cottage door by a busy crossroads. A spiral staircase - as inviting as it was foreboding.

A house in Munlochy - now inaccessible.

Farmer's Weekly 1968. "Centalized Grading of Potatoes Urged". Scattered leather shoes and glass bottles. A 1980's letter from The Bank of Scotland. A jackdaw's nest in the toilet.


Bucholie Castle - Caithness. Somewhere full of noise and lacking in silence. A place of seabirds and killer whales. Almost gone but still very much there.

Dunmore Park House - Falkirk. Rooks calling, wheeling, calling again, landing. A different nobility found?

Once of the many entrances to Dunmore Park House. The grandeur of a medieval castle without the age.
A slow disappearance into the woods

I try to imagine faces once significant to these corridors but fail, but faces come to me anyway. Graffiti showing somewhere else, irresistibly sometime past, they appear to taunt me.

Glenfarg railway tunnels - Fife. I have no idea what to make of this. Over to you.

Cromarty - The Black Isle. Some World War I/II bunkers, lost in the woods. I'm no stranger, but they still leave me unsettled.

In one of the WWII gun installations at North Sutor.

Fyrish Monument - Alness. A testament to the madness of imperialism. Look it up.



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