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Events are a lifeline for many businesses and individuals. After all, it’s the best channel to network, catch up with industry peers, build relationships, and share information.

Whether they happen virtually, live, or in a hybrid model, events that remain flexible, prioritize safety and emphasize meaning will likely become the norm. Here are some trends you can expect to see now or in the upcoming year.

Trend 1

Hybrid Events Continue to Grow

According to Forbes, “virtual events are up 1,000% since COVID-19.” Although more people are vaccinated and eager to meet in person again, it’s still probable that virtual is here to stay – but with a twist. Many events are now hybrid models that cater to both virtual and in-person audiences. New creative ideas are emerging to ensure people still get the information they need without any loss of quality. For example, an event may take place primarily online, but companies will offer upgraded packages or incentives for an in-person meetup.

Trend 2

Micro Events

More events are starting to operate in smaller capacities. Scaled back events are more feasible, safer, and pose a smaller financial risk for many event planners. Besides making it easier to manage the entire event as a whole, some of the benefits of smaller events include concentrated networking opportunities, more focus on engagement, and the ability to better customize content for participants and attendees.

Trend 3

Events Will Enter a Year-Round Event Cycle

Most companies will typically hold only a single large event once a year. With smaller meetings and hybrid models becoming more common, a variety of events are happening more often. These events can range from conferences to product launches, or workshops to simple meet-and-greets. Year-round events allow the attendees to choose which events, times, and places work for them within their busy schedules, giving them ultimate flexibility and higher chances of attending multiple events.

Trend 4

Continued Emphasis on Physical and Safety

No matter what industry you are in, the topic of safety will continue to be prominent throughout the next few years. Expect to see more companies partnering up or offering on-site testing and COVID PCR tests to address the need for safety. Be prepared for a continued emphasis on pre-screening requirements, socially distanced layouts, protective personal equipment, specialized sanitizing crews, advanced air-filtration systems, and more outdoor event venues in the coming years.

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