NAZIS; MURDERERS OF JEWISH PEOPLE "Nazi"; is a short term for the Adolf Hitler's, National Socialist German Workers Party. They were the force behind the start of World War II.

Who Was Adolf Hitler?

Hitler was born in Austria, in 1889. He was the leader of National Socialist German Workers Party, which is known like Nazi Party. He was one of the most powerful dictator's of all the time.

How Was The Life of Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler wasn't very popular in school, he had few friends. He was not a hardworking student.

His parents died early. After it, he became poor and he had to earn money. Hitler spent his time painting post cards which he hoped to sell. After a time he started hating the Jews.

Why Did He Hate Jews?

In Vienna, he sent his drawings to the Vienna Academy of Art but they didn't accept them. He started thinking that the professor who rejected his drawings was Jewish. Hitler's mother died because of cancer and he became convinced that a Jewish doctor had been responsible for his mother’s death.


He thought only Jewish people, who were rich, were living in the beautiful town houses of Vienna. He also held Jews responsible for the collapse of the monarchy and ruination in Germany.

For More Information, You Can Watch This Video About Adolf Hitler
Logo of Nazis

Before the start of World War One, Germany was the most economically advanced nation in Europe and the second in the world (first was USA). After the war, economic problems started in Germany.

There was a "huge economical depression" in the country.

In this picture, children were using the German money as bricks because it's cheaper than toys.

There were many different groups; some of them were wanting a leader, some of them were blaming the German politicians and some of them were wanting to go back to the old days. (days that their ecomy was good)

Many people were jobless.

People were fighting in the streets and there was a small amount of food. There wasn't a strong leader, who could solve these problems.

Hitler promised Germans about the things that they want. Such as:

  • A better life.
  • To overturn the economical problems.
  • For a new and glorious Germany.
How Did The Nazis Form?

In September 1919 Adolf Hitler joined a very small political party called the German Workers' Party which had only 40 members. After a time, he became leader of the party. He was a powerful populist from now on.


He and his supporters were walking on the streets but the police fired them. Hitler was arrested; he was found guilty of helping the enemies in his country. He stayed in the prison for 9 months.

  • In the prison, he wrote his book Mein Kamp, "My Struggle" (in English) which he told his politic and antisemitic ideas. He started giving speeches to people, he learned how to persuade them to think like himself. He thought that Jews were a separate race and "they couldn't be German."
A group of Nazi soldiers, walking with their flags.

The Nazis organised rallies to gain support. They marched on the streets to receive people's vote in the elections.

The Nazis and Hitler Tried Every Way, to Persuade German People
  • They controlled film production. Films released to the public concentrated on certain issues : the Jews; the greatness of Hitler; the way of life for a true Nazi, (especially for children) etc.

-> These things played a big role on affecting people. The people started to think that Nazis are going to solve the problems in their country.

Hitler was a great speaker, who talks effectively.

He wanted everybody to hear him while he was giving a speech. He put loud speakers on streets, by this way people would be able to listen him.

Headlines of The Newspapers

They used a lot of money on the newspapers. They put effective slogans and headlines to encourage people support their party. They used drawings to disparage Jews.

They tried to show Hitler as a man who had a great vision in the past (which was wrong.)

He targeted specific groups of society with different slogans.

~ After a time, some businessmen, such as industrialists gave money to Hitler and supported him. This made him gain more power.

He was elected on the November 1932 Election and a fearful period started for the Jews. Which we name it "The Holocaust."

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