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Shannon Lauren Callihan brings a new spin to neo-soul.

Nashville-based R&B/soul singer-songwriter Shannon Lauren Callihan has found a way to bring classic sounds to a new audience. Finding inspiration across the spectrum, from Tom Misch and Anita Baker, Callihan fuses infectious pop melodies with improvised jazz instrumentals to create a sound all her own.

Originally from a small town in Kentucky, the 2016 move to Nashville pushed Callihan to hone in on her songwriting and instrumental abilities. “I’ve always been into music, but never saw myself being an artist. Maybe it was growing up in a small town, but Nashville pushed me to explore that side of me,” says Callihan. The release of her first single “What You Do to Me” in 2019 was the culmination of years spent building a fanbase on Instagram around her guitar playing and finding her sound within the Music City scene. Callihan’s presence on the Instagram community Pickup Music brought her fans and collaborators alike.

The Pickup Music community led her to find current guitar player and producer, Curt Henderson. Bass-player Sam Fruend (Stoop Kids), keys player Josh Blaylock and drummer Nate Felty complete the band that is unmatched in their live performance. Just as they all came together, Callihan won the Emerging Artist Fund competition through Pickup Music, giving them the opportunity to play Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. Callihan has seen famous stages including Red Rocks while playing lead guitar for Rozzi on the O.A.R. and American Authors tour in 2019. She recently signed with Marshall Live Agency and has shows planned for later 2021 with dates to be announced. The momentum has continued with editorial playlisting from Spotify on their “Nu-Funk” and “Ready for the Day” playlists, as well as partnerships with Fender, Supro, Orangewood Acoustic Guitars and Ernie Ball.

Callihan continues to push forward as she plans upcoming releases and showcases her live performance skills with Our Vinyl. Her 2020 single “Love You Right” is a soulful release heavy in her R&B roots. Now, Callihan is signaling the start of a new era with the bittersweet "Used to Be My Love," her new single slated which dropped on August 6, 2021. She followed that up with the '80s-tinged "Keep Me Waiting," which expands her sonic palette with expert synth work. When looking to the future she says, “It’s taken me a while to get where I am, but I just had to connect all the dots. I’ve started doing what I want, and I don’t worry if it’s going to make it to the radio. I’ve done so much as an independent artist, and I feel confident in who I am. Now it’s all about putting out good shit and building that fan base.”

2.2M+ streams across DSPs
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"One Sided" EP Cover Art // Photo by Annie Noelker

There's a theme of confessing unreciprocated feelings that runs deep through Shannon's debut EP “One Sided,” which combines her signature concoction of neo-soul and R&B with the desire for human connection over five new tracks. Invigorated with first-class live instrumentation, “One Sided” mines personal experiences from unrequited love and overcoming loneliness to the empowering playfulness of sexual gratification.

"Keep Me Waiting" Single Cover Art // Photo by Annie Noelker

Opening with a welcomed burst of expert synth work and '80s-flavored guitar, Callihan is stuck leaving the light on for someone who's playing hard to get. Her husky vocals provide the perfect contrast to the serotonin-boosting track, which dropped August 27, asking, “Why do you always turn me down when I wanna turn you on?"

"Used to Be My Love" Single Cover Art // Photo by Annie Noelker

On August 6, Callihan released her new bittersweet single "Used to Be My Love," a reflection on a former relationship. Over a soulful swirl of live keys, guitar and percussion, Callihan explores the past pain of being left for another in hindsight. As her honeyed, mature-beyond-her-years vocals confess, “But I’m a call you anyway to say / You used to be my love / Thought you were the one, but I was so wrong,” it’s evident she’s found acceptance and clarity on the other side of a broken heart.

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