Saint Nicholas Day By: Danielle Pope

Saint Nicholas Day is celebrated in Belgium and many other places. Such as Europe, Italy and etc. St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6.
Saint Nicholas Day is a lot like Christmas. There are a few difference. One being they put slipper or shoes for St Nicholas to fill with presents. Another one is children leave carrots for St. Nicholas's donkey.
Some food they get during this time is candy, cookies, fruit, and nuts. Also they get small toys and some special St. Nicholas candles.
The reason St. Nicholas Day is celebrated is for the feast of Saint Nicholas. It's a day where everyone gives gifts to people they care about. They celebrate it on Dec 6 so Dec 25 can be a day to celebrate Christ.
People in Belgium dress up for special occasions. The ladies dress in long colorful dresses. The men dress in colorful shirts with nice pants, they can be black or could match with their shirts.
We celebrate a holiday which is based off of Saint Nicholas Day, we call it Christmas. We do things different then how they do it. One way is we decorate a tree and "Santa" puts presents under the tree. Another difference is we celebrate it on Christ's birthday Dec 25. Lastly we leave cookies and milk. We don't leave carrots for his reindeer not donkey.
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