The man who stole my heart and saved my country

This man made my heart flutter. I looked into his eyes and immediately wanted him to ask for my hand in marriage. He was flaunting a navy uniform which was really hot. He was standing really tall and upright while talking to his superior so I assume he's respectful. He walked up to the front of the room and began talking and his voice was super deep and I wasn't expecting that. But when he started talking about quantum physics I just could feel the nerd coming out of him and it was so cute. I noticed his eyes squint up every time he looked to the back of the class. I still can't get over that uniform he was wearing. It asserted his dominance and knowledge. I feel like if him and I were on a date he would be so interesting to talk to. He would be so interested in me and care for me. He probably knows how to handle his emotions. When I first walked into the room I looked at the three men and he stood out to me. He was just radiant. He had away with words and it made me want to keep listening to him blabber on about a topic that I truly don't care for. I could feel his passion seeping through that amazingly sliming uniform. He is a stereotypical guy though.

He might be just a guy in the navy with a degree is engineering and he seems like he is genuine guy. But now that I think about it he might not be so amazing. He probably spends all of this time at work and when he gets sad he falls into a deep depression. He probably has a drinking problem that has lingered on from his days in a frat. He's probably not over his first great crush and he will compare the rest of the woman he's dates to her. He probably acts like he's much smarter than you cause he knows a few formulas. He stays with you anyways cause he thinks you would be nothing without him. He probably secretly listens to In'sync while he drives to work. He knows the whole soundtrack to phantom of the opera, cause that's his moms favorite movie. He tried sports but he rode the bench all the way to graduation. He genuinely thinks tinder will find him a wife and falls in love with a catfish. It made me think about all men. If they put on a look for you during the chase and then when they get you, they kill the act and are a totally different. So at the end of the day, don't trust anyone.

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