Cute Cheetahs cheetahs are amazing because of there color and the baby cubs are very cute.

Amazing Adaptations

While running there are several moments when its entire body is completely off the ground. All so cheetahs are very flexible too.

Fast And Fierce

"The cheetah is the fastest land mammal."They can "chase a prey at a speed up to about 70 miles ( 113 kilometers) per and hour."

The Story Of A Species

"Scientists believe that they first appeared in Africa between 7.5 million and 2.6 million years ago." Now you can find them in many parts of Africa in Asia and Europe they are existed they were at the same time.

Cheetah's life

"Cheetahs are both social and solitary animals." So cheetahs prefer to spend time as a part of groups.

Struggling For Survival

"During the 1800 s, more than 100,000 cheetahs lived in Africa and Asia."Cheetahs are both social and solitary animals.One common reason that cheetahs come together is to mate.

Cheetahs Paws

A cheetah's paw is soft and big super big."These scientists are carefully taking a blood sample from a wild cheetah to study later in a lab.

Amazing Cheetahs

Cheetahs are amazing because they are cute,funny,and really really super fast.A cheetah has a streamlined body and a small, round head with short whiskers.Its long, slender legs end in short, blunt claws.


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