Non Fiction By: Garret west

Non Fiction

In non fiction there are no opinions. Nonfiction can be about events, places and history. Nonfiction is used to inform others.

Text Features

A text feature of Nonfiction is pictures
Another text feature of Nonfiction is maps

What I Know

What I know about nonfiction is that it is based on facts and real events. It also is used to inform others about a real event in history.

What Nonfiction Does not Have

Nonfiction contains no opinions it is all fact. The reason nonfiction donĀ“t have opinions is because other people might not feel the same way that you do. Opinions are not facts!

The Difference

The main difference between fiction and nonfiction is, nonfiction is real and fiction is not. Simple.

Examples of Nonfiction

A great example of nonfiction is history books

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