The Home Technology Revolution By Cory Reavy

Thousands of drones rise to the sky, autonomously zooming off into the distance, guided only by sensors that guide them perfectly into thousands of backyards across the countryside. Sound like science fiction? Not anymore. Amazon and other large companies are working on gadgets like their drone delivery service. There are many options for gadgets to change your life, and the companies making these gadgets are some of the biggest out there.

While many companies are changing our worlds with technology, Amazon and their drones seem to be on the forefront of them all. The billion-dollar company has been recently prototyping their new 30-minute delivery program: Amazon Air. While you might think this technology is ages away, Amazon is currently running tests in the British countryside and already has a couple of test customers. Amazon has not been able to move to the U.S. yet because of certain laws that prevent drones from being flown outside of the line of sight of a pilot. However, amazon is still the first major company to deliver a package by drone. All other companies are still behind, however there are some smaller companies making local deliveries by drone. One company is known as Flirtey, and has recently started to deliver Domino’s pizza by drone to customers. In conclusion , Amazon and many other companies are changing our lives daily.

The Rise of Home Tech

Gadgets and smart devices have been around for awhile, but recently their popularity has grown. An example of this is the Nest Cam Outdoor, which can distinguish the common passing animal from a human trying to get into your house.This is extremely useful for anyone with a dog. They would have a very hard time keeping the dog away from a normal camera to prevent it from triggering an alarm. Another device that has been pioneering smart-gadgets is by yet again, Amazon. Recently they release their Amazon Echo, the predecessor for the Echo Dot, a smaller version of their revolutionary first release. These devices can turn on lights, lock doors and more just by saying “Alexa”. One of these devices is the smart refrigerator. The refrigerator hasn’t had an upgrade in a good long while, and the new internet refrigerator, which while shopping you can look in it for missing items. Between all of these gadgets, we should all already have smart homes, right? Wrong.

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The Future of Home Technology

Now, while we all love the gadgets we have now, what will be coming in the future? Well, the first thing we have to look forward to is Amazon Air coming to the U.S. Hopefully soon the drones will be legally able to operate away from the line of sight of an operator, allowing the drones to work as they do. Unfortunately, the future could possibly not be so bright for home technology. In order to function, the Amazon Echo needs to be constantly listening for the keyword “Alexa” to activate. A recent case in Arkansas called for the recordings on the suspect’s Amazon Alexa. Amazon objected, and experts are concerned that if the investigators get the recordings, that would put a scratch in people’s privacy. Ryan O’Leary of WhiteHat Security says “It doesn’t capture voice until it hears the keyword, but it could. You’re trusting the devices to not to that, but it’s entirely possible.” No one knows what the future holds, but no matter what, companies like Amazon will be forever changing our lives with technology.

Whether it be a smartwatch, or an Amazon Alexa, home technology is everywhere and is advancing with every passing day. However, the question you need to ask yourself is, are you going to support the future? I know I will.

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