The voyage

  • (August, 1831) Charles Darwin receives a letter from John henslow, inviting them him to join the voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle.
  • (August, 1831) Darwin's father doesn't allow him to join.
  • (August, 1831) Darwin's uncle writes a note to Darwin's father, trying to convince him to let Darwin go.
  • (September, 1831) Darwin's father gives in and lets him go.
  • (December, 1831) the H.M.S. Beagle leaves Plymouth.
Year one
  • (January, 1832) Beagle arrives at the port of Santa Cruz
  • (January, 1832) ship arrives in Santiago
  • (February, 1832) ship arrives in Salvador, Brazil
  • (April, 1832) ship stops in Rio where they receive first mail from england
  • (April, 1832) In Rio, Darwin find more biodiversity than he could've imagined
Year two
  • (March, 1833) ship arrives in Falklands islands
  • (May, 1833) Darwin returns to montevideo
  • (August, 1833)¬†Ship arrives at Rio Negro River


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