Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Experienced by: David Lambertson

Nature on Display

Amazon Milk Frog

Frogs are lit!!! Frogs are cool!!! Frogs are the essence of diversity and thus are really cool there 30,000+ species of frogs ranging in different sizes and colors. I learned that the golden poison dart frog is so deadly that people used them in blow darts, Gianna told me this, and that one of those frogs has the capacity to kill 30 people. The frogs made my experience enjoyable so much that I didn't care about any of the other exhibits other than the Butterfly one.

Nature and Ethic

The FLNHM allowed me to experience nature in a way that Leopold would appreciate. As I walked through the Muesum I couldn't help but run around and see all the cool things the Muesum had to offer: the Muesum kept me in suspense and awe. The butterfly exhibit is a way in which people were allowed to connect with nature directly; as soon as you entered the exhibit you were no longer in human territory you transcended into Mother Nature. My trip to the Muesum would make Leopold happy as I felt that I should play a role in helping making nature our friend not an enemy.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Most people today are not in touch with nature as technology improves more and more people miss out on the wonders of nature. Nature loses its elegances to people who'd rather sit in front of the TV and binge watch Netflix. So by visiting the Muesum people put away technology to be encapsulated by natures majestic element. They allow themselves to be dictated by natures beauty. Nature allows us to be with our thoughts and feel small even though we live in a world where we think humans are the greatest thing ever. It allows us to self reflect and understand who and what really make us. Like sometimes we forget who we are and what makes us however people who meditate and are surrounded by nature and are able to truly appreciate its beauty understand who they are and what they mean not what society tells them to be and how to act. It allows for self revaluations.

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