What are we really voting for? Pawel Kuczynsk's Criticism on politics and our current social system

*The context of these images were translated from Spanish into English therefore some of the interpretations could be misread.

Kuczynsk is known for his cartoon work that comment on current political and social issues. He has won an astonishing 92 awards, national and international, by the age 36. Many of his cartoons criticize the interests of our current political leaders. Kuczynsk uses his cartoons to illustrate how he sees the current political situation.

Our politicians are telling us lies, basically feeding us garbage. We can no longer trust what they are saying because they are no longer fighting for our best interest but rather for their own personal gain. There seems to be a continuous stream of politicians, but are they really saying anything new?

Kuczynsk is using this piece to comment on the rise and fall of dictators.

Although we feel that we are making changes when we take down a leader that does not stand for the people's needs, that leader is always replaced. This never ending cycle can lead many to the "why bother" mentality surrounding politics, which is a dangerous place to be. Once we stop caring about our leaders we become overtaken by them. Once we stop fighting for what we want, we become ruled by what we don't want.

We are not properly equipped to leave poverty because of our immediate needs that interfere.

The previous piece, the never-ending dictator, leads to the never-ending poverty. Our political leaders are only looking out for their personal interests, which leads those who need help to suffer. With limited resources being given by our political leaders we lose faith as we fall into a never ending cycle of poverty.

Are we really making our own decision?

We do not realize how much power our leaders have over us. It leads us to think if it really is our choice, or if we are just being led to that direction? This piece reinforces the idea that we need to think critically about our political decisions, even if those decisions go against the grain.

With so much of government decisions relying on the benefit of the few rather than the majority, it is important to think critically about our political system. Now is a time to speak out for what we need and want, otherwise our voices will never be heard.

Now more than ever, we are forced to think, what are we voting for?


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