SHC Employee News June 2020

We're OpeN!

By now most of you have gone through some initial training with Alaina to go over what this will look like. As part of that training we have a new SOP that we’ll need you to read through and sign as well as an addendum to the employee handbook.

The addendum is for our Workplace Infectious Disease Control Policy and what we are implementing to try and stop the spread of any infectious disease.

Please click on the link below which will take you to a Docusign form to sign from either your phone or computer. If you have any questions about either of these documents please don’t hesitate to reach out to Kelsey.

Staff Photo Message to Members

Thank you for everyone who participated in this awesome post to our members!

Happy Birthday!

  • Allison Ingle – 6/01
  • Jon Griesser – 6/14
  • Andrew Stephens – 6/14
  • Katie Hickey – 6/17
  • Michael Warren – 6/19
  • Justin Nelson – 6/21
  • Tammi Stevens – 6/22

Happy WORK Anniversary!

  • Jane Loverin – 7 years
  • Uli Pinger – 5 years
  • Karen Andrus-Hughes – 3 years
  • Lauren Thies – 2 years
  • Jeremy Boyd – 2 years
  • Maddie Esnard – 1 year
  • Alexi Niemitalo – 1 year
  • Luan Ly – 1 year
  • Allison Ingle – 1 year

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