Number the Stars Book Diary By.JESSICA


I think that war is when peoples are mad at each other for thing.Then group of people start to get tools and hit each other with it then some people died.

I think people felt sad,mad,and scare because people could of died out there with gun and other tools.I will get mad because they didn't tell us the war start so may we could of died for not tell us so we could hide.


I think of a neighbors is that there nice to us they help us if we are hurt and may if we sick.My neighbor is nice some time she take care of my sister and give us food.And at my dad house i hate the neighbor because there a lot of cats and i hate cats.

If there was a war near me i will help them but if there weight a lot i'm not going to help them maybe the kids but not them or maybe call the police to help them.If the neighbor save us i will be happy if they do.

Number The Star

I think it is going to be about a girl that there a war near her house but her mom or dad is not there when the war start and she scare.Or maybe a girl that see the war and she get scare and hide in the basement with her mom,dad,sister or brother or she look at the star and count them and may wish some thing happen with her and family.

Literary Analysis

Mama say."Be sure of many"I think it mean don't be like other people like do follow what they said to you.Or they mean that don't let people touch you.I think that mean for me is be like us or be careful with people that you know.Or don't be like people that you don't know.

What would it look like for Denmark and/or the Johansens to be a bodyguard for the Jews?

I think that it would't work because they could die form the guard, they do have gun so they could kill the people that are protect the Jews.But i think that they can protect her friend and her mom/dad in her house or something so nothing can happen with them.But it will be scare if you and your hole family and other people to protect the Jews people.



We just read that annemarie mom had to take the rosen a place and her mom got hurt when she was walk.I predict that the soldiers are going to believe Annemarie about the basket with fruit in it and bread.And go take the basket to her uncle boat to look in the package and the soldier are going to let her go take the basket to her uncle.


Man vs Nature

Annemarie mom tripped over a root when it was dark because she had to take the Rosen with peter to the boat.That Annemarie mom learn to be careful when it dark outside.I think it example the type of this because a tree is nature and her mom tripped over the root so it man vs nature .

Man vs Society

It was when there was a lot of people at Annemarie uncle house because they were going with peter and her mom to take them to her uncle boat ,so they can take then to Sweden.I think it example the type of this because society mean that there a lot of people and there was a lot of people at Annemarie uncle house.

Man vs Man

I think is when Annemarie heard peter and mr.Rosen talking about the package that peter gave to Mr.Rosen to give it to her uncle.I think it the example of the type because the man and there ask mr.Rosen because then are going to be in the same boat so he can take to to him.

Man vs Himself

I think is was when Annemarie is try to think how her sister will do if the soldiers are ask them answer at the end I little.And i think in the being of the book when ellen her friend had to stay with them for a little because the soldier and Annemarie think that I should take the necklace of of her ,so they can't take her away.I think this example the type of this because she think should i take the necklace of her or should i not take it of and she take it of because she was friend and she does what them to take her away.



When Annemarie was stop by the soldier she was brave to talk and say thing back to the soldier and what her uncle said to her is ''That's all the brave means -not thinking about the dangers.Just thinking about what you must do''.I think it mean to me is that you weren't scare of nothing that you are brave no matter what happen to us but we fight for what right to all of us.

Vocabulary Words

Lanky and Stocky

"She was a stocky ten-year-old,unlike lanky Annemarie".(page 1)

Based on the sentence,stocky sound like the word stuff,and lanky sounds like word loose.These words are describing character's looks

Lanky mean tall and skinny.Stocky mean bulky or thickset.

Suffix:-y,relating to or filled with;Other words:messy,cheesy,lucky


''But Annemarie heard mama and papa talk,sometimes at night,adopt the news they received that way:news of sabotage against the nazis,bombs hidden and exploded in the factories that produced war materials,and industrial railroad lines damaged so that the goods couldn't be transported''.(page 8)

Based on the sentence,sabotage sound like there against with people.

Sabotage mean damage something on purpose.


''Wait for me!"wailed little kirsti,left be hide,but the two older girls weren't listening.

Based on the sentence,wailed sound like she is wail so then can get her.

Wailed mean to give a cry of pain,grief (sadness)or anger.


"Three years,Annemarie thought with contempt".(page 3)

Based on the sentence,contempt sound like she is brave too me.

Contempt mean disapproval and disgust.


''Thinking of Lise,her solemn,lovely sister,always made her sad''.(page 13)

Based on the sentence,solemn sound like for me is good.

Solemn mean serious.


"Ellen and Annemarie both smile tentatively".(page 50)

Based on the sentence,tentative sound like happy.

tentative mean unsure and nervous.


"She looked down,and saw that she had imprinted the star of David into her palm".(page 49)

Based on the sentence,imprinted sound like she has a mark on her hand.

Imprinted mean to leave a mark in something.


"She reached down for Kirsti's hand,but Kirsti ,always stubborn,refused it and put her hands, on her hips defiantly.(page 4)

Based on the sentence,obstinate sound like she mad when people are get close to her.

Obstinate mean stubborn


"Ellen stood on tiptoe again,and made a imperious gesture with her arm".(page 39)

Based on the sentence ,imperious sound like she was try to be strong.

Imperious mean a dominate leader who abuses power.


it was so long a time since they had dared to use the strictly rationed electricity after dark that the light in the room seemed starling to Annemarie, watching though the slightly opened bedroom door".(page 43)

Based on the sentence,ration sound like to listen to people.

Ration mean a limited amount in order save in a time of need.


"She reached down for Kirsti's hand,but Kirsti,always stubborn,refused it and put her hands on her hips defiantly.(page 4)

Based on the sentence,defiant sound like she was mad at the soldier for touch her.

Defiant mean bold disobedience and refusing to obey.


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