Marriage In elizabethan era

What was it?

-The Elizabethan era was a turning point in English history marked by the reign of Queen Elizabeth I 1558–1603

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  • Betrothal-Formal engagement and a promisr to be married

"Marriage was the point at which an individual acquired full status in the society. for a man, to be married was to be a householder, and to be a householder was an independent person" (Forgeng P63)

Dowry, Money property that girl would bring with her into the marriage.there might also be an agreement on jointure the part of the couples property that the girl would have at her disposal

Customs, Announcing the marriage, rings or gloves or bracelets were given to women as a gift, if you were wealthy the parents would choose a person.(Forgeng P65)

It was important the wedding was publically,using banns.if it was not official announced the marriage was nullified and stopped.

the ring was very important because it was a symbol of love and

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