The House on Vista Ranch Way - Megan M

Vignette #1

Names have been around for a long time. My name has only been around since the 16th century. My name is Megan. It is Welsh and in Greek, it means pearl. In Irish, it means “Brave Warrior” My middle name, Lorraine, is a french name, after a king in France who ruled over a place also named Lorraine. How I got my name is really nothing special. My father apparently has always admired the name Megan and that's the name I got. I was going to have a middle name after my Grandmother. Her name was Geraldine. But she wished that no Grandchild ever get that name because she hated it with a burning passion. So, Lorraine was given to me by my other Grandmother. First it was her mother's middle name, then hers, and now it is mine.My middle name is not as popular as my first name. I have never met a Lorraine, yet I have met quite a few Megan's. I do happen to like the name Lorraine. I like the way it sounds and the way it’s long but when you say it, it's not a mouthful. While I don't appreciate it as much, I still like the name Megan. It is two syllables and easy to give nicknames to. I have many nicknames such as Meg, Meggie, or M&M, and I enjoy them all. My parents don't use them though. To them it is strictly “Megan”, or “Megan Lorraine” if I've really done something wrong. I was, and still am a clumsy child. Every time I would trip over nothing, or run into things, my mother always jokes that she should have called me Grace. But other than that my name suits me I think. I have read that it is also a name for someone of a stubborn nature, and as a Taurus, I have to agree. I fit my name and I don't think anything else suits me as well as the name I have. Others hate the way their name sounds, such as my Grandmother. But to me, Megan Lorraine has a sort of ‘ring’ to it, that no other name could give, and I am happy with it.

Vignette #2

Being a sibling is something people see everyday. But people always react differently to things they do not normally see. Case in point: being a triplet. People always see me and my sister together and assume “Oh are you twins?” and we have this pre-set response of “Actually, we’re triplets” It’s our trademark. We have had to have said that statement a thousand times. Being a triplet is nice. Well, not so much the sibling part, they are as annoying as getting your headphone wires tangled, but the attention that everyone gives us is great. Everyone is so enthralled and excited with this fact. It's my claim to fame. Everyone has something that makes them special, and this is mine. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I was never born a triplet. Or if I didn't have any siblings at all. I wonder about how it would change my life, if I would have my special feature that everyone knew me by. Would people react the same to seeing me? What would change?

Vignette #3

Dieter was my pride and joy. When I was younger, every fountain I came across, I would toss a coin in with the single wish of getting a dog. We had never had a dog, but all my friends had had one, and that was all 5 year old Megan wanted. One day we happened to come across a German Shepherd, and he was everything to me. I felt like I had waited a million years for a dog. One morning I got up early to see Dieter. He had been sick for a few weeks now, but he was getting better, so I wasn't worried. I went into see him. He was laying in my parents bathroom, not moving, but still alive. Thankful, I continued with my morning. “Megan, you need to say goodbye to Dieter before we leave” my mom would say. I ignored her. I finally went out to see him, and I was terrified. I took about two steps into the room, before rushing out. I told my dad “I don't think he's breathing.” and he went to check. He came out crying like a baby and that's when I knew what had happened to the best thing about my childhood.

Vignette #4

Most people can relate to the happiness you feel when you get to see your grandparents. They are special, and most times nice, and loving. Each summer and winter we go up to Colorado to see our grandparents. Everyone gets so excited for that 12 hour car ride, no matter how long and boring it may be. When we arrive we always get immediately swarmed with hugs and “how are you’s” from Grandpa and Grandma. Grandma already has the whole week planned out, and Grandpa always has buckets of food for us to take home and try and stuff into our already too full car. Everyone has the feeling of being loved and listened too at our Grandparents house. When It snows, Grandma always make me wear hats (yes, multiple) because she doesn't want us to get sick. I know our time together is limited, but while it's there, I try to make the most of it, and remember the happy memories to look back on and smile.


My vignettes helped shape my personal identity because it helped me figure out how I really felt about those events and how I was able to change and grow as a result of those events. There are some issues in the book that I have felt in my own life, not necessarily the exact events, but the overall coming of age that she experiences, and the changes she makes in her life.I have experienced moments in my life that push me to grow up. Moments that have such big impacts on my life that change me, But I don't think there was one defining moment that caused a "coming of age." Because I am still young and still haven't experienced everything I probably could.I personally enjoyed the book and the way that you could relate to some of the things she was feeling. I liked the writing style and some of the characters. I didn't like the way that Esperanza reacted to some of the situations, because it just frustrated me while reading the book, but I understand it was necessary for plot purposes. I liked how all the short stories were all separate but were all connected and all had one thing all connecting them.

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