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Family Geography:

68.75% Celtic (56.25% Irish, 6.25% Scottish, 6.25% Cornish) 31.25% English
My dad was born just outside of Glasgow to middle class parents that traveled to help with engineering projects around the British Isles and Africa. My Mum was born in Liverpool to working class parents who worked on merchant ships and industrial estates.

Family History:

In 1845 the United Kingdom included both Britain and Ireland. At the time the only representation of Ireland in the English government was English land owners who had moved to Ireland to start farming projects and send produce back to Britain. The Irish could only afford to grow and eat potatoes and give all other produce to the English land owners to export. 1 Million people died and 1 Million left Ireland and traveled as far as the US. Many from my family landed in Liverpool, directly over the Irish sea from Dublin, that now has a 50% Irish population.
In 1916, the time of the Easter Rising the Kinsella (Cinnsealach) family in Wexford joined with the IRA to try to take Ireland (√Čireann) back from English control. The Irish republican movement started when the Irish public asked the UK parliament for home-rule. Northern Ireland unionists opposed this and pushed for Irish volunteers to fight with the UK in the first world war. The uprising eventually lead to the foundation of The Republic of Ireland and the Kinsella family, and many more Irish families had survived.
Brian Boru (born 941) was the King of Munster (978 - 1014) and High King of Ireland (1002 - 1014). The blood uncle of Brian was given the title of 'O'gan' (Young) which became 'O'Hogian', anglicized to 'Hogan' and this started the Hogan line. Galloping Hogan became a leading Lieutenant for Brian and with his team traveled by horse between Limerick, Cork and Wexford scouting out possible invaders in the south.

Family Now:

My mum was born in Liverpool and started life in an art-deco council flat a few Kilometres from the city centre. The family worked on the docks and in the merchant navy, moving goods to Norway, India and The US. My Nana and Granddad had been given a deal from the Liverpool council to buy low cost housing in the expanding outer towns of Merseyside. They moved out to Kirkby, an old viking village and worked in the Industrial estate. Mum worked in the law courts and a bar called 'The Everyman' where she met my dad. She worked very hard to make sure me and my brother had a good start and part of this decision was to Immigrate to Melbourne.
My dad was born in Motherwell, just south-east of Glasgow. The family moved to Zambia when dad was 3 so that my Grandpa could undertake engineering work in plumbing pipelines and wells. The family moved around between Zambia, Ghana, The UK and more but finally settled in Cornwall. Dad was a good student and managed to move to Liverpool to study physics at Liverpool University. He worked at The Everyman, met my mum and started working in IT. When we made it to Australia he got a job over the phone and started within days of being in Melbourne.
Football is bigger than religion in Liverpool and I support Everton in the English Premier League, Celtic in the Scottish Premier League and Melbourne Victory in the A-League.

Personal History:

When I was 4 we immigrated to Australia. We left Liverpool and drove down to Heathrow Airport, stopped over in Bahrain and landed in Sydney. Within 2 weeks my parents had found us a place to live, a place for dad to work and a place for me to go to kinder.
After the 2 weeks we were set to get the train to Melbourne. We got off the train at Southern Cross Station (Then Spencer Street Station) and I cant imagine how freaked out my parents could have been but we made it to the other side of the world and are still proud Melbournians today.
We moved from the Aigburth in inner Liverpool to Glen Iris in inner Melbourne. After a few years we moved to Eltham.

Life Goals:

  • Have a family
  • Industrial Design career
  • Travel as much as possible
  • Socialize infrastructure in Melbourne
I started at Eltham East Primary School, Moved to Eltham High School and now RMIT.
Places I have visited.
Places I would love to visit for the first time or visit again.
- Music -
- Politics -


Political and Design inspiration to always fight corruption, invest in social projects, environmental and social sustainability and to always try to be innovative.

Volunteer Projects:

Burning Seed is an art and culture festival where I have helped start and run a radio station to broadcast to around 4,500 people at the event. I also run a 'Theme Camp' called Camp Casbah that runs events, workshops and parties throughout the event.
Now and Not Yet is a community cafe in Warrandyte where I have volunteered for a few months. All funding goes towards housing refugees from Africa, Asia and the Middle East once they arrive in Melbourne. The owners help them find work and within a few months the refugees become independent in their new home.
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