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Lesson 1: Playground Basics

Apps I use constantly

I use all these apps constantly in my daily life. I open them at least 5 times a day, I grew to find these apps really entertaining when I´m bored or want to discover new things. From this list, the app I use the most would be Youtube, it´s my favorite one.

I think this apps are really popular in our modern life because people use them in a variety of ways, they can be used for fun, for education, for finding new places and even advertisments, jobs, to meet new people. I think my day is not complete without checking this apps once or twice to find out what my friends are up to and what is other people doing in far away places. I use this apps mostly for entertainment and discovery, music, friends, etc.

From top to bottom ( my favourite to my least favourite) I will explain what I tend to do in the app.


This is my favourite app. Youtube is the app I spend more time in. I discovered youtube when I was little, I loved its concept since it is a free world, a place where people express themselves, where you can watch people you admire and a place where you can laugh and have fun. Recently even I started uploading videos and it woke a love for editing videos in me, it is really fun to see how people interact with each other and even comment about how they enjoy your content and are waiting on you to upload more things in the future.


I think Spotify has been my best discovery yet. It is a live saver when I am bored, lonely, sad, happy, whatever. There is not a time a day when I´m not listening to music. Spotify is a place where you can find any kind of music ever created. I love this app, like I said, I´m never not listening to music, it is a life saver when it comes to trips, parties, or even when I´m alone at home studying or just laying down.


Whatsapp is the place where I talk to my friends most of the time. It comes pretty handy when you want to contact anyone, here you can have fun with your friends and family and make plans for future events or hangouts. I think this app was revolutionary to our life, in a good and a bad way. Since this app was created communication was as easy as a click away from your phone, anywhere, anytime. But since it´s creation, communication in person is scarce, people do not know what to talk about to each other since they already talked on their phone.


Steam is one of my favourites. This is an app where you can download and play games with friends or people from all around the world. I love to use this app since it is pretty easy to use and you can interact with friends you met online in-game and play whenever you want with them again. I like meeting new people and I love video games, so this is a perfect app for me to fulfill both at the same time.


What I like of Instagram is that it is a really creative site. People from all around the world post pictures of their daily lives, landscapes, nature, music, videos, experiences, etc. I have build a relatively big "fan base" if you could call it that, I love fotography, whenever I see a good chance I take a picture and upload it to Instagram. It is an interactive app too, you can talk with anyone you want and show your appreciation for their pictures and videos, it is a really friendly app.

Lesson 2: Naming and Identifiers

Apps I Wish Existed

I think that wish is a really strong word for an app to be created, this are not wishes I have, just apps I would like to see to be created.

  • An app that could diagnose your health and give you names of medications you can take to feel better, or tell you if you need surgery or visit the doctor and give you the location of the closest hospital, give you the quality of the hospital and the names of doctors who specialize in the sickness you have.
  • An app where any idea is a great idea. Like when you wake up in the middle of the night and have an amazing idea. Well you can write this idea in the app and get recognized by important people who will buy your idea and make it happen.
  • An app that can read people´s emotions by the way they speak. This would be really handfull in conversations or jobs, your phone would be listening all the conversation and will notify you if the person infront of you is lying, happy with the idea, hostile, etc.
  • An app that can right along with your voice. I would love an app that you can just speak to and it will write everything you say as exactly as you imagine it to be.

Lesson 3: Strings

I think that it is really important for a creator to focus first on the audience he wants to reach, children, teens, adults or everyone. First you need to identify this in order to start creating the content for your app depending on the age the app is transmited too. An app for kids will look and feel really different from an app for adults or professionals. A kid´s app needs to be simple and straight to the point in order for the children to have fun using this app. An app for adults can be more complex, since we have better understanding of how apps function, so we can work with more advanced applications.

After I came up with my app ideas, I can tell you that my apps would be more inclined for teenagers and adults, since they seem to be more complex apps, their are utilities, for a kid those apps would be no fun and would imediately erase it from his/her phone. They are more focused in an older audience.


This app was made for teenagers to interact and have fun with each other, share and express themselves.


This app is really usefull for traveling, it was made for an older audience.

Find My Friends

This app was created for teenagers and adults, this app helps you locate your friends easily.


This app was created mostly for teenagers, this is a fun app where you can lipsync your mout movements to seem like you are saying a pre-recorded audio, and upload it for the world to see and have fun.


This app is created for teenagers and adults, its purpose is to help those who love photography.

Super Mario Run

This app is for all ages, it brings back memories when Mario was there for us in our childhood.

Fifa 17 Mobile

This app is created for everone, who doesn´t love soccer?

Angry Birds 2

This is an app created mostly for younger audiences, it is really fun to play.

Does Not Commute

This app is for any ages, it consists of not causing a massive accident in the city, it is really fun to play and easy to get the hang of it.

The Walking Dead

This game was created for teenagers, this is my personal favourite game, it tells the story of a group of survivors and their road to trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


This app is created for anyone who exercises, it can count your steps, calories burned, miles, etc.


This is a really helpfull app, it gives you a good nutrition for your excercises.

Cookpad Recipies

This app is for adults or even teens, it gives you recipies for you to try at home.


We all know this one, you can see any show or movie you want here, it is for all the family.


This app is for teens and adults, here you can buy almost anything you want, you just need to add your credit card and have a lot of patience and voila!

Lesson 4

On my top 5 list some apps are easier to use than others, I think the hardest to use there would be Steam. Since not everybody uses that app, I would guess you need a little of practice to get used to the plataform, since it is a really vast place to visit. It is tricky to understand how to buy games, download them, add people to your friendslist while in-game, talking in-game, key-bindings, chat, etc. It is a really complex app.

Some apps are easier to use than others because, sometimes you need to see to whom the app is directed to, what ages, if the age is low, the app should be easier to use. Also, it depends on the complexitivity that you are looking for, if you are looking for a camera app, but just that, well you can download a simple app. But if you want all the components that take up a realistic camera, well you would need a more complex app for you to achieve what you are looking for.

Lesson 5

My Stand Out Idea
  • An app that could diagnose your health and give you names of medications you can take to feel better, or tell you if you need surgery or visit the doctor and give you the location of the closest hospital, give you the quality of the hospital and the names of doctors who specialize in the sickness you have.

For me this was my best idea, this app´s fundamental purpose is to help people have a healthy life and know when and how to prevent sickness. It helps you to detect a virus in your body, diagnoze your health and even give you the fastest way to cure it and your closest hospital in your surroundings to attend with the best doctors who specialize depending on your situation. I think this app could not just be of use, it could save lives.


Lesson 6

App Statements
  1. My app will: Help people detect and prevent infections and diseases by giving them the fastest and most precise way to help them with their state.
  2. Because: Health has always been a constant problem to the human species, and what a better app that can tell you what´s wrong before the disease gets worse, it could save lives.
  3. App Name: HealthScan
  4. Problem: Help people prevent diseases and infections that could affect them in the future.

My app will help people to prevent diseases and help them find the best way to get their state checked out or cured.

Lesson 7

I do think that with time anything is possible, right now new apps are being created and in the near future a life changing app may appear for everyone to use. Technology keeps evolving and I think that new apps, useful apps, are going to be born. There are many things to be discovered right now, but some way or another there is always going to be something that will wow the human species.

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Lesson 8

Ideas & Features

I think I´ve had my fair share of ideas for new apps that could work in our daily life, to help us or entertain us. Some features are the following:

  • An app that is able to give you a score depending on how well you drive, taking in account your speed limit, gasoline spent, kilometers, etc.
  • An app that can help you find lost things, it is always a pain when you lose something that you just know it was there the day before, with this app you just enter the name of the thing you are looking for, and it will tell you where it is.
  • An app that can find music by just listening to you sing a small portion of the song, have you ever wanted to find a song, but you just can´t remember the lyrics or the name, you just sing a small part of the music and the app will recognize the song.
  • An app that can give you a diet and a workout routine just by scanning your fingerprint.
  • An app that can give you solutions to any problem, like a multiple choice decision, it will give you the best way you can solve a situation fast.

Lesson 9

Problem Solving

There is already an app that can give you a workout routine and a diet, the problem is, that it is a general statement, it won´t tell you what you need in your current situation it will just diagnoze a "healthy" way for you to succeed in your goal.

Shazam is a music recognizer app, the problem is that it will just tell you the name of the song if the song is mainstream or if it is playing at the moment of use.

This features have problems that can very well be perfected in the future, they are easy to use, and they make a good work in what they do.

Lesson 10

  • Color, I would like my app to have bright colors, warm colors, because they cause ease on peoples mind sets, so what better way to receive a new comer but with a good welcoming presentation.
  • Theme, the theme of my app has to be very professional, maybe not that serious but just to let know people that this app can be taken for granted as the real deal.
  • Graphics, like I said before, my app needs to be the real deal, look as the real deal for people to know that they can use that app knowing that is is trust worthy.

Lesson 11


I considered this app kind of similar to the way I approach my idea, this app gives you a fair amount of health care help. It gives you nutrition, activities, sleep, body measurements and more. I really liked the presentation of the app, it is simple but straight to the point, maybe too simple, but when you enter the app, it is really organized and a feast for the human eye, it really catches your attention.

I think most users want to use this app to have in account some health productivity, if you can call it that, since it gives you a really fair amount of information for you own good and care. I visualize my app as something like this, a warm welcoming, eye catching app that can truly help you when you most need it.

What got my attention in this app is the organization of things, it is perfectly organized and gives you really good information of health care. The presentation is eye catching and will leave you with the sensation of knowing more.

I use Youtube daily, since I´ve come to grow a fan-base there, for me it is a very attractive app since you can literally just speak your mind and people will give you their sincere opinion of what they thought about your video. The more subscibers you have, the more your channel will grow, right now I´m in the hardest part, getting to |00 subs, but my goal is almost fulfilled with a wopping 46 subs.

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