Utah symbols By: Luke

The state animal is The rocky mountain Elk. it was named the state animal in 1971. their is many of the Rock Mountain Elk in the mountain states of Utah.

The Utah state Emblem is the beehive it was named Emblem on March,4 1959 as well as are Utah state motto. Also it is on every Utah flag.

The state flower is the Sego Lily It was approved on march,8, 1911 The sego lily was made the official state flower after a census was taken of the state's school children as to their preference for a state flower.

The state fruit is the cherry, and it was named the state fruit in the year 1977. Did you know that the state leaders decided to have the 2 graders at Melville elementary.

The state fish is the cutthroat fish and it is called the cutthroat because it has an orange and red throat.

The state motto is industry ,and industry was named the state motto in march,4 1959. Industry is associated with the symbol the beehive.

The state song is ''Utah this is the place'' it was named the state song in 2003 and that is not the only state song they changed the song from ''Utah we love thee''.

The state gem is the gem Topaz. It became the state gem in 1969 and Topaz is found i Beaver,Juab, and, Toole.

The state vegetable is Spanish Sweet Onion. The Spanish sweet onion was named the state vegetable in 2002. Also Lone Peak elementary 2nd graders decided to name it the state vegetable.

Also the state tree is the Quaking Aspen. It was named the state tree in 2014. 10% of trees in Utah are Quaking aspens.

Also, the state flag is an eagle. Was named the state flag on 1896. Also it was made in 1775

The state fossil is the Allosaurus. It was named the state fossil in 1988. It has bin found in a whole a of 2 quares

The state bird is the California Seagull. It was named the state bird in 1955. And we call it a normal seagull.

The state mineral is copper. It was named the state minaral in 1994



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