Since members of the class of 1968 received their diplomas over 50 years ago, a lot has changed.

Colleges of Study at Chicago Circle in 1968

Circle Campus started off with 7 colleges of study for students to choose from:

  1. College of Architecture & Art
  2. College of Business Administration
  3. College of Education
  4. College of Engineering
  5. College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  6. School of Physical Education
  7. Jane Addams Graduate School of Social Work

Colleges of Study at UIC in 2018

Circle and the Medical Campuses merged to form UIC, which has grown into a university with 19 colleges. In the fall of 2019, UIC will be home to Chicago's first and only public law school:

  1. College of Applied Health Sciences
  2. College of Architecture, Design, & the Arts
  3. College of Business Administration
  4. College of Dentistry
  5. College of Education
  6. College of Engineering
  7. Graduate College
  8. Honors College
  9. College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  10. College of Medicine
  11. College of Nursing
  12. College of Pharmacy
  13. School of Public Health
  14. Jane Addams College of Social Work
  15. College of Urban Planning & Public Affairs
  16. UI Health
  17. UIC Regional Campus in Peoria
  18. UIC Regional Campus in Quad Cities
  19. UIC Regional Campus in Rockford
  20. UIC John Marshall Law School

Circle Enrollment

Undergraduate: 10,184 students

Graduate: 442 students

UIC Enrollment

Undergraduate: 20,783 students

Graduate: 10,900 students

Cost of Living in 1968

Average Household Income: $7,700

Gallon of Milk: $1.07

Gallon of Gas: $0.34

Postage Stamp: $0.06

Cost of Living in 2018

Average Household Income: $62,175 (707% increase from 1968)

Gallon of Milk:  $3.50 (227% increase from 1968)

Gallon of Gas: $3.50 (929% increase from 1968)

Postage Stamp: $0.50 (733% increase from 1968)

Learn more about UIC's history!

Watch "UIC From Pier to Present" for an in-depth look at how UIC has transformed into Chicago's premier public research institution.

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