Activism against violence IAWRT

IAWRT chapters and members joined in activities across the world to promote knowledge and support action against the breach of human rights embedded in the perpetuation of violence against women and girls

Qudsia Mehmood, a Pakistan member was Master of Ceremonies of a symposium on gender based violence in the Workplace, held in Faisalabad
A media engagement was held in Kampala, Uganda Aimed at creating public awareness in the fight against GBV. It brought together editors, senior journalists, laying a foundation for the media to fully understand and actively contribute to creating public awareness to end violence against women and girls.

Nankwanga Eunice Kasirye, the chapter Head IAWRT Uganda, highlighted the vital role the media has in raising awareness of GBV by setting the agenda with the power to dictate public perception.

"The subject of gender violence calls for ethical professional reporting, requiring fairness, honesty and accuracy. Otherwise, a lack of such values may instead seem to condone violence against women and girls."

Evelyn Letiyo, a program specialist with the UN women in Uganda discussed the connection between gender violence against women and power.

“Violence starts slowly with subtle nonphysical acts until it graduates into physical violence, sometimes escalating into permanent damage or death. Consistent threats should not be ignored because with time they are put into action”

Martin Ninsiima the Communication and Advocacy Specialist at UN Women Uganda, called upon the media to deliberately champion the positive portrayal of women at all times.

"The media should be gender sensitive in preparing content such selecting panelists for shows and programs, choosing sources, internal recruitment and management structuring among other approaches".

Members of the IAWRT-Iraq-Kurdistan chapter organized different activities. Awaz Abdulla participated in a short movie festival about gender-based sexual violence in Erbil; Lava Kurd prepared and presented the Shaqam program at Radio Nawa interviewing Hannah Shwan - women's rights activist and Avin Nasreen, a journalist, on the media’s role in reducing violence against women; Dlsoz shafiq khalaf, a journalist and activist organized awareness sessions, and in a number of girl’s schools

IAWRT held a media forum in Quezon City in observance of the International Day of Violence Against Women on November 25.

A new secretariat in Manila was also launched.

Women journalists who attended told stories of physical attacks on them whilst working and arbitrary arrests.

Practical safety training to enhance physical safety included students and veteran journalists.

The scale of digital attacks on women media workers and Philippines media outlets, were presented along with perspectives on digital harassment of Australian women journalists and an international freelancer reporting in Zimbabwe.

These attacks aim to shut down women's voices.

They are an attack on the media's freedom to represent the reality of society.

Members marched in Tunisia. in Yaounde Cameroon members joined in discussion on how rape laws could be better implemented, and in South Africa artists curated a pop up exhibition in solidarity with the sixteen days of activism to end violence against women.
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