What would it take for someone to change the world? Leanne H

How does someone change the world

Anyone can change the world if they put some effort into it. Supporting evidence:If your a kid you can save energy,donate toys you don't want anymore,or if your willing to get a pet,adopt!All you need to do is be kind.All of these things help in there own way.

Donate toys you don't use anymore
Adopt or foster

Changing the world doesn't need to be so big.Doing little things like donating,saving energy and recycling can help a lot too. Supporting evidence:For example,recycling reuses things so instead of making more and sometimes polluting the environment,you just reuse it to make more so you don't harm anything or anyone. Changing the world is just making the the earth a better place.

You must take risks to learn from what your doing. Supporting evidence:If you do a mistake,its actually good because it teaches you what you did wrong so you don't do it again and then eventually, you'll get what you were trying do.

Water/grow plants

You must be responsible to change the world. Supporting evidence:Irresponsible people won't make a difference because they won't think about what they're doing.On the other hand,if your responsible you'll think about what you doing and make sure it will actually help.Irresponsible people sometimes do the opposite of helping because they don't think about what they're doing!

For this project, I'm interviewing my dad.Here are the results:He thinks that you should think creatively, new and outside of the box.My dad explained to me that when he said that he means try to find something that might save lives, or make life easier.For example in the old days, they didn't have cures for many deceases and many people died, but now we have cures, and no one has to suffer.

Here is a video that also gave me some ideas of what it takes to change the world :)

Hope you enjoyed!!!!

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